Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Need Your Help!

You may have already heard, since Gucci announced it earlier today.  Either way I'm here to announce it again!

We Need Your Help!

I have reached out to Gucci to offer the only help I am currently able to give to her beautiful friend Renee, whose strength inspires me and whose positivity in trying times should be a model to us all. 

I can promise you that if I were able to give more than I would, no questions asked!  Yesterday I told you all a very personal story, one that has shaped my life and who I am so fully that it is engraved into the very essence of my being, one that is speaks of the very core of the person that I am.  A story about my early childhood.  It doesn't even seem fitting to say that it is a story of my early childhood, because it is actually the story of my early childhood.
I have given everyone who has read it who hasn't been through it a glimpse into the mind of a child whose parent has cancer.  A window into the minds and the hearts of Renee and Carl's beautiful children.  I don't like writing about it, talking about it, but I think about it on a near daily basis.  I wrote about it in hopes that it would inspire you to give, whatever you can, to help this family.  To show how important it is, even to the youngest of family members, that we all reach out as humans to help each other when in need!

Now, today, I am asking you to further support me while I am working on the organization of an event for Renee and Carl and their darling children.  I'm not asking anyone to do anything other than what I myself am doing.

What is that?  I am doing whatever I can to help, and I'm not asking for anything more or anything less of any of you all!

How you can help:

  • We need bloggers who are willing to spread the word, through blog posts, through social media like Twitter, Facebook etc, about this event.  To get it out there and to get it the maximum exposure possible!
  • We need bloggers who are willing to host giveaways or raffles for products for this event!  Don't have a product?  Contact me and I will help set you up with one!
  • We need bloggers who are also artists, jewelry makers, designers or anything like that to donate products to us.  So that we can raffle them off or host giveaways for them to help promote giving, and to give back to those who are willing to give to this family in their time of need!
  • We need sponsors, companies or whatever you want to call them to donate products to us for this event for the same reasons I listed above!
  • We need bloggers who may think they don't have anything to give.  We've all got something to give, even if it's something that you don't even think of.  Top spots in Meme's or link up's to raffle off, guest posts on popular blogs to auction off or anything that you can think of like that!
If you are willing to do ANY of these things, or if you have another idea or something else you want to donate or do for this event then please contact me at:  ZombieHousewifeBlog@gmail.com

If you want to donate clothing, blankets, gift cards, toiletries or anything else like that then you can contact me at the above email address (and I'll get you in touch with Gucci Mama) or Stephanie at Mama Still Wears Gucci

Also, please check out my girl Ange's blog, she already has her Giveaway up, so head on over there and put your name on the list to win her prize, you must be 18 or over to enter as it is an adult giveaway, and you either have to donate money or spread the word to enter to win


Help us get the word out by tweeting this!

http://tinyurl.com/2a2xeot  We need your help!  Let's get some people involved in this event! #Cancer #Support 



nitebyrd said...

Hey,girl! I'll be spreading the word on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. I'll host and/or donate prizes. I'll hit you up with an email later.

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

Thanks so much! Every little bit helps!

I actually messaged you at your Etsy Store when I saw your comment at Gucci's blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashlee--I got your email. Let me know what I can do. I'm happy to do whatever it takes.

Copyboy said...

Just tweeted, donated and posted. So sad what they are going through.

Cathy said...

I wrote a post yesterday http://bit.ly/cjO7xk and have been spreading the word on twitter. I can donate to the raffle too...I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

I donated. It's not much though.

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