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Thank you for considering A Housewife Manifesto to do a product review and/or giveaway. If you would like to view my Media Kit or Quick Sheet, please contact me: AHousewifeManifesto (at) gmail (dot) com

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Product Review/Giveaway Information:
Blog reviews and giveaways are a great way for your product and company to gain exposure. They are very inexpensive, and they are the wave of the future - the word of mouth marketing of the internet age!  Statistics show that mom bloggers are one of the fastest growing ways to reach one of the largest spending markets in this country...mothers!
Even after your product review or giveaway post has inched its way off of my main page, there will be a link to your post listed on my blog in more than one place indefinitely and you will be listed on my sponsors page and on my sidebar indefinitely!  Advertising on mom blogs and through social media is not only valuable, but it has been called the word of mouth marketing of the internet age.  Social media marketing is the hot new trend in internet marketing.  It not only helps with search engine optimization, or SEO, because of the increase in links to your website but it also drives a targeted audience direct to your products.

For more information about product reviews and giveaways please view my Product Review Policy and Giveaway Policy or contact me directly.  

Sponsored Post Information:
For a sponsored post I do not need any product to review or any samples from your company.  All I need is your website address and any information that you wish to provide me about your company and its products.  If you have specific key words that you want me to link to in the sponsored post all you have to do is provide them to me.  Sponsored posts can be gone about in a few different ways here at A Housewife Manifesto.  I can do a company or website review, where I will provide my readers with information about your company, its products and so on.  It could be a press release or anything of that nature or it could be an interview with someone from your company so that my readers can get to know your company, its products and your mission more personally.  How a sponsored post is set up is completely up to you.  If you would rather it be a press release or a website or company review then that is at your discretion.  I do charge a small fee for sponsored posts.  Sponsored posts can be run concurrent with a giveaway if you like.  If you have a special request for your sponsored post then just let me know, I'm sure that we can work something out.
If you are interested in a sponsored post or if you would like to have information about prices then please contact me. 

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I love spreading the word about products I am passionate about and companies I love.  I highly suggest running a giveaway concurrent with your product review, as this allows for the maximum amount of exposure for your product, website and company.  All of my giveaways are promoted in the same way, whether they have a product review with them or not.  I promote my giveaways through various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter,, as well as with blog forums, other blogs,, Product Review/Giveaway Linkies and several other sites that promote contests and giveaways to thousands upon thousands of users each day.  Promoting a giveaway or product review takes a lot of time, effort and work on my part, but I do it happily because it is something that I not only love to do but am passionate about.  I consider it my job to help promote your products, website or webstore and company.  I have the highest ethical standards and professionalism and always treat each and every giveaway and/or product review the exact same.  Each one gets 110 percent of my effort, knowledge and attention.

I am very flexible, friendly and easy to work with.  Whatever you're looking for I feel very sure that you can get it from me here at A Housewife Manifesto. My stats, media kit and quick sheet are available upon request by you.  If you have any questions or if you would like to work with me then please don't hesitate to contact me through email at AHousewifeManifesto (at) Gmail (dot) com 

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