Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Stalk and Fawk You Friday!

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Y'all already know my favorite cousin (you know, the slutty Nascar loving one) CB, right?  Of course you do, everyone knows that crazy whore.  What you may not know about her is that she is fickle!  Oh so fickle!

Ashley has decided to make a bit of a change to Blog Stalk Friday this week, because there are all kinds of people linking up that don't read or understand the rules of Blog Stalk Friday.  Since CB is a little fire cracker this makes her angry.  Trust me, you won't like he when she's angry.  Well, I like her when she's angry, cause it's kind of hot but that's just me.

So she's wanting us to try to get some new people to link up with Blog Stalk Friday this week.  So if you've never linked up head on over to One Crazy Brunette Chick and do it!  Oh, and tell her that her favorite Ashlee with two E's sent you, you might get some brownie points or maybe even some purple monkey balls or something cool like that!

Now, on to Fawk You Friday which is hosted by every ones favorite pair of Boobies...oh, and their owner Jana and her fabulous co-hostess Christy from I'm Just Sayin'!

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  1. Fawk you to anyone who thinks that I can't be a good parent because I say cunt, whore, bitch, shit, damn and/or the many variations of fuck.  Last I checked my use of language didn't have fuck all to do with my being a Mommy, and trust me I'm a damn good Mommy to my boys -- I dare anyone to stand in front of me and say that I'm not to my face!
  2. Fawk you to liars who try to scam people or Churches out of money.  You might be able to pay your bills and all that if you didn't spend so much money on prescription drugs from your favorite local street pharmacist and liquor.  You might even be able to buy your kids the things that they need too!  Just sayin'!
  3. Fawk you to anyone who abuses their children or any child or children for that matter.  
  4. A special Fuck You going out to Elisa Baker who wrote a fake ransom note when her step-daughter was reported missing.  DSS had been to their house many times and their own family reported them in hopes of getting little Zahra out of that house of hell.  Elisa had forced Zahra to stay in her room, and Zahra was often seen with a black eye and bruises and cuts on her body.  She had lost a leg from childhood bone cancer and had lung cancer as well.  That stupid bitch was abusing that beautiful little girl while she had cancer.  Zahra had a beautiful smile, and was fighting for her life against cancer only to be abused by an uncaring step-mother and lose her life to the hands of the very people who were supposed to protect her.  (the parents haven't been charged, but the dogs hit on both family cars as well as an industrial wood chipper and a pile of mulch.)  I am sickened by this story and by this woman and her husband.  I hope that they can find Zahra so that she can have a proper burial and rest in peace!  She was a beautiful child who deserved to be treated so much better!
  5. Fawk You to Conan O'Brien for ignoring my tweets and my polite request that he follow me back.  Fawk Conan for being a twitter snob!
  6. Fawk You to anyone who isn't willing to get on board with my Stick Money Revolution!
  7. Fawk You Sons of Anarchy, for being so addictive that I stayed up half the night watching!



Copyboy said...

Think you nailed all the FUs. Especially #5.

Christy said...

Who accused you of being a bad Mom? Tell me where they are and we'll get a posse together. We'll teach them a few things.

Thanks for linking up today! We've got your back.

Just Jen said...
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Just Jen said...

Number 4 is close to my heart. I live in NC, and was posting about Zahra on my Fb page. My heart broke when I found out they were treating the case as murder. I hope the bitch rots in jail.

Stopping by from BSF and am now following.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with that woman? And her hair? Her lips scream 'criminal' (yeah, I judge like that). That poor child. If people knew she was being abused and didn't report it, shame on them. If they did report it and nothing was done, shame on the system.

Dazee Dreamer said...

That asswipe family needs to be stuck in a wood chipper while still alive.

Babes Mami said...

I finally saw some of your conan tweets! Why is he ignoring you?? DOUCHE.

Beth said...

I'm a new follower from Social Parade Friday and would love if you could follow me back!

June said...

Sons of Anarchy is a great show and I thoroughly enjoy drooling over Jax. He is one sexy man.

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