Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Saturday Six

You all know the drill now, right?  It's Saturday Six with your two flavorite hostesses -- Yours Truly and Boobies!

Anyway...let's get down to business, shall we? Grab our awesome Saturday Six button, slap it on a post, answer the following six questions, and link up! Please DO NOT link to your giveaways or random posts. (Visit me tomorrow for Show Me Yours Sunday...Giveaway Linky.) If you aren't participating-we'd prefer you NOT link up. It's just not polite folks. That'd be like us showing up to your Granny's birthday party without a gift just to eat your free food, aight?

This week's theme is all about movies! So get your typing fingers ready you film phenoms!

1. What's the last movie you watched in a movie theater?
2. Share some movies with us that are guaranteed to make you cry.
3. What's your personal favorite movie genre?
4. What's the last flick you watched?
5. Give us your top 5 favorite movies.
6. Now tell us some of your most hated...

Now, for my answers!

1. What's the last movie you watched in a movie theater?  Zombieland or The Hangover, which ever came out last.  Either way I was pregnant with Jagger and trying to get as many movies in the theater in as possible before I had him!
2. Share some movies with us that are guaranteed to make you cry.  Steel Magnolias!  It always makes me cry, it's been like that ever since I was a child.  Where the Heart Is makes me cry.  I don't cry at many movies, unless I'm pregnant.  I actually did cry at The Time Travelers Wife, even though I hated it (see question six) but it was sad when the guy died, but I saw it while pregnant!
3. What's your personal favorite movie genre?  I love Horror, I love B Movies..umm..I just really like movies in general!
4. What's the last flick you watched?  I think it was James and the Giant Peach with Aiden.  I've been catching up on Big Love so I've been watching that.  I watched part of The Hulk and Iron Man and some Wonder Pets shows on DVD, but the last full movie I watched was James and the Giant Peach.
5. Give us your top 5 favorite movies.  Oh Gosh!  I can't pick just 5!  Okay, in no particular order they are: Gone With the Wind, American History X, How to Marry a Millionaire, Scarface ( I love anything with Al Pacino in it!), Nightmare Before Christmas and I'm going to add a sixth for good measure The Devils Rejects.  I think that's a fair representation of my tastes, which are highly eclectic!
6. Now tell us some of your most hated... I hated The Time Travelers Wife!  My bestie read the book, and she was telling me what an amazing book it was and how they talked about punk music in the book and it was just this really great amazing story.  Then we get to the theater and it is not amazing at all, it's boring and she keeps saying things like "That didn't happen in the book"  or "Why the hell would they change that, they changed it!  It went like ...... in the book!"  I just was not feeling that movie, at all.  I haven't even been able to read the book yet since watching it because it just wasn't as good as it sounded like it should be based on Kristy's review of the book to me.  Also Anaconda was horrible!  Let's see, what else, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a bad movie, it's actually so bad that I kind of like it for being bad, but it doesn't have anything on the TV Show which followed it.  Snakes on a Plane was crap!  Teen Wolf sucked!  I could go on and on and on, seriously.



Babes Mami said...

I love Zombieland!

Anonymous said...

We are SO alike in our tastes. I also thought the time travelers wife blew...I heard the book was fab though..go figure...that's how I felt about Twilight..LOVED the books..movies...ehh, not so much!

Bad Southern Girl said...

LOL!!! Coming up with movies that I didn't like was a little tough... LOL. I <3 movies!

McKenzie said...

I loved Zombieland! Books are always better than the movies, always.

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