Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sexy Sunday!

Babes Rockin' Mami, (possibly & hopefully) Jana from Boobies, Babies & a Blog (my dumb ass forgot to e-mail her about it today! Go Ashlee, you're awesome!), Ange from Names Will Not Be Changed to Protect the Innocent, and Myself have decided to start a new weekly meme. It's called, as you can tell, Sexy Sunday.

Each Sunday we will either post a list of naughty questions or a sex related topic for everyone to post about. Then you can link your post up to our linky at one of the host blogs.Next month we will be starting a monthly giveaway that goes along with this meme. Each of us will be giving away one sex toy or something adult related at each of our blogs. The only way you can win is to link up and participate in Sexy Sunday.

It's pretty simple. Take the topic and write a post about it, or answer the questions. Take the Sexy Sunday button and put it at the top of your post, and link back to me and my lovely co-hostesses in your post as well. Then at the end of the month we'll each pick a winner via and 3 (hopefully 4) of you lucky participants will win a sexy prize!

Next weeks topic will be "What is your most embarrassing sexual moment?"  So be ready to write about that next Sunday if you are planning to participate and link up.  Remember, the only way to enter the giveaways is to participate in Sexy Sunday!

This weeks questions are:

1.) Why do you want to participate in Sexy Sunday?
2.) What's your favorite thing about sex?
3.) What's your favorite position?
4.) Do you have a fetish?
5.) What kinds of topics would you like to write about?  We love suggestions!
6.) What do you consider to be sexy?

Now for my answers:
*note - These are my answers to the above questions.  Obviously I am talking about sex and things of that nature.  So if you're not into that kinda thing or if you're under 18 then please don't click the Read More link!  Thanks!

1.)  Why do you want to participate in Sexy Sunday?  Because I think it's important for women to be comfortable with their sexuality.  I think too many people still consider it something shameful or embarassing to talk about, and it's not because it's a natural, enjoyable and pleasurable part of life.  I want everyone to be comfortable with who they are sexually, and know that it's okay to talk about it without blushing because if you talk about it with other people you might just learn something amazing.  ;)

2.)  What's your favorite thing about sex?  I love the closeness that I feel with Justin when we have sex, it's like an extension to our emotional connection, it's the icing on the cake.  I love to be near him, and feel his skin and his warmth.  It's just "nice", ya know?  I like the way it feels, and the way it makes me feel.  I like how connected it makes me feel to him.  And, of course I like to orgasm, who doesn't?!

3.) What's your favorite position? I like it from behind!  I do not like the word doggy style though, it's such a weird phrase to me and just sounds raunchy, so you'll never hear me call it that.  I also like to be on top...cause well..DUH!

4.)  Do you have a fetish?  No, I don't.  I like what I like, but I don't have a fetish really.

5.)  What kinds of topics would you like to write about?  We love suggestions!  I've already made my contributions to the list!

6.) What do you consider to be sexy?  Lots of things. I think the sexiest thing about my husband is his arms and his chest, there's just something comforting about them! I love how they're toned but not overly muscular, because I hate that! I consider the small or curve of a womans back to be sexy, and as far as women go I think it's sexy to leave something to the imagination.  I hate how girls and women dress all trash-tastic and have their boobs, ass and cooch hanging out and only have .5% of their body covered and they think they're sexy. Sexy and slut-tastic are two completely different things.


Babes Mami said...

Sexy and slutty are incredibly different for sure!

I'm just the MOM said...

haha i HATE those 2 words...doggy style lol!! Thanks for hosting and can't wait for more.

McKenzie said...

Wishing that I had read this yesterday, I so would have participated! I love this idea, kudos to you for thinking it up! Hopefully next Sunday I can participate =]!

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