Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eden Fantasy Review!

Who's the lucky girl?  Yours truly!  My husband is a pretty lucky man too, because I got to review an awesome little reversible corset from Eden Fantasy!

 Please be aware that this is an adult review!  Don't click the Read More link if you're not into that kinda thing or if you're under 18!  Thanks!

Eden Fantasys is my favorite adult toy shop!  I got this amazing satin corset that is baby pink with black accent on one side, and black with baby pink accent on the other.  So I can be cute and playful - but still sexy or I can be fierce and sexy - but still playful, depending on which way I choose to wear it!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I know, right!  It comes with the black thigh stockings, and mesh thong!  I love it, and it has become one of my favorite things to wear when the kiddies are away or asleep.  I love a good corset, I really do.  I think that there is nothing sexier than a woman in a corset.  I love them, and this is one of my favorites.  It's made with high quality fabric and looks great.  The straps are removable, so you can have yourself a strapless corset, or one with spaghetti straps, depending on your preference.  I wouldn't expect anything less, since it comes from the best sex community that I know of, Eden Fantasy.

The only downside is that since I'm just a B cup my girls don't look as good in it as I would like.  Though that was completely my bad, because I should have known that I needed to order a small instead of a medium because of that face, and to get the lift that I wanted.  It's been a while since I ordered a corset, so I had forgotten that I used to have to buy an Xtra Sm. before I had my boys, and I went on and ordered a medium, when I should have gotten a small.  So be advised that if you pick up this particular item to order a size smaller than you would normally get if you want to give your boobs a push up in the right direction.  Not all of us can have porn star ta-ta's you know!

Over all though I can say that I am completely pleased with this corset, and my boobs don't look all that bad in it, it's just that they're not heaving out of the top like I'm posing for the cover of some cheesy romance novel, which is what I love the most about corsets.  It fits me great everywhere else, and it's comfortable.  If you've never worn a corset before you may think that they are uncomfortable, but they are not!  It's not the 1600's anymore, and they don't make these with laces on the back, so you're good!  They have the typical hooks on the back, and it's easy to get into yourself.

I've got two words, Loves It!  So I'd like to give a huge thank you to my favorite sex toy shop, Eden Fantasys!

        This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.



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