Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting to know Me Sunday!

Getting to know YOU

Yay!  I've been waiting to do this and Monday Minute since I got back to bloggy land!  I missed Fawk You Friday last week, and that made me sad.  So here are the latest questions from Keely's amazing blog MannLand5!

1. If you had to choose a country to live in besides USA (or the country you live in), which would it be?  England or Italy.  I love the idea of living in England, because I am obsessed with everything English and I am obsessed with Henry VIII, all of his wives and his children, so to walk past the tower of London and these other places where these people were would be amazing to me!  I think Italy is probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, and I would love to live there for a while!
2. Which would be worse, wearing flip flops in the snow or wearing gloves in the summer?  Wearing flip flops in the snow.  Trust me people, I've done it before.  Don't ask.

3. Fried or Bake and why?  I'm Southern, so I love me some fried food. However for health reasons I don't fry anything except potatoes every two weeks for my husband, I do  this for health reasons.

4. If you were an entertainment reporter, which celeb would you love to interview and why?  I would love to interview the Karsashian sisters.  I fully believe that Khloe, Kourtney and I were separated at birth, aside from the fact that I obviously do not share their genes being so pale that I glow and having bright blue eyes and all, I am however unbelievably curvy for someone who is only 5 foot 3.5 inches. lol  

5. What was your favorite book as a preteen/teenager?  Gone With The Wind, Anything by Charles Dickens or Jane Austen, The Bell Jar, Gulliver's Travels, Sex and the City, The Diary of Anne Frank.  I have never had just one favorite book, even as a 5 year old. 

6. List your top 3 guilty pleasure television shows.  Gossip Girl, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Pretty Little Liars  

7. What bumper sticker slogan best describes you/your attitude/your life?  Life is what happens to you while you are planning to do something else. 

8. If you were to join a circus - what performer would you be?  I would want to do the ribbon dancing thing.  Like this:  I think I would be really good at that actually.  Now I want to go learn to do it.



Ann said...

the kardashians would be so much fun to interview! i'd ask them how they get their heair so perfect. i love the ribbon dancers! they are gorgeous and so talented.

purseblogger said...

I have never heard of Pretty Little Liars, what's it about?
I LOVE reading too and have a hard time narrowing down a favorite. Have you read The Help? I'm reading it right now.
The Kardashian sisters would be a good interview. :)

Love comma Ashlee said...

It's a new show, but it's so good! It's about this group of friends in high school and one of their friends had been murdered a year ago and they never found her body until right at the 1 year missing mark. Well now all this weird stuff keeps happening, they get text messages, notes etc from this person called A. Their friend who went missing's name is Allison, and she was the only person who knew any of the secrets that they get in the texts and stuff and the notes, texts etc. are signed A.
It's so good, it has just sucked me in! lol

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