Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mommy Style - Saturday Bonus Looks

As part of Mommy Style, I'm going to be posting some bonus looks on Saturday from that Mondays featured celebrity.  This weeks Mommy Style Icon was none other than the recently married Kim Kardashian.  Or should I say Kim Humphries now?  Perhaps since she's a traditional kind of girl in these matters but is also a brand in her own right she's going to be a newly wived chick of the hyphenating persuasion, making her Kim Kardashian-Humphries?  Let's hope it's one or the other, they're a mouth full separately but together they dang near reach tongue twister status. ADD/easily distracted & amused gene is showing...

I've got two bonus looks today, both of them are different variations of Kim's trademark casual/dressy style.

These looks are very versatile, Kim loves to do a casual-dressy hybrid sort of style instead of dressing completely down, so you could easily wear these to the office or out to drinks with the girls.  As always, I will be including options for flats as well as heels.  These looks would be great for weekends for Moms, because you can still be what I call a H.A.M, which is a Hot A** Mama and look fabulous while you're out with your baby loves & your boyfriend or hubby and be comfortable as well.

It is so easy to look good and look fashionable and still be comfortable and casual.  I know a lot of people have trouble with that particular issue, and with dressing up jeans, but jeans are the ultimate clothing purchase and staple piece to any H.A.M.'s wardrobe because you can do so much with them.  They can be dressed up, dressed down, paired with any shoe you own and they can look professional, sexy, casual, dress, chic and so much more.  As with everything fit is the key, but we'll talk a little more about getting the perfect fit to your jeans in another Mommy Style post.

These looks have jackets & blazers, which as I said in the first how to get Kim Kardashians look post, are a staple piece and are so easy to pull off but also have the power to change an outfit & add a little hint of sexy, professional or casual to an outfit.  They pull a look together better than jewelry sometimes.

Look 1
Mommy Style - Celeb Style for Moms

Old Navy v neck top
$11 -

Fitted tee
$22 -

Agent Ninetynine long top
$30 -

Old Navy racer back top
$13 -

Pocket jacket
$40 -

YMI embroidered jeans
$38 -

Almost Famous studded jeans
$35 -

Wet Seal boot cut jeans
£26 -

Charlotte Russe distressed shoes
$43 -

Forever21 heeled sandals
$25 -

Hive & Honey bootie boots
$40 -

Steve Madden heel pumps
$40 -

Zara peeptoe pumps
$50 -

ALDO faux leather shoes
$36 -

Old navy shoes
$25 -

Faux shoes
$30 -

Zara peeptoe pumps
$16 -

R J Graziano chandelier jewelry
$50 -

Yochi jewelry
$63 -

Gold vermeil jewelry
$48 -

ASOS disc jewelry
$37 -

Yochi face jewelry
$39 -

Dorothy Perkins gold tone jewelry
£8.50 -

Look 2

Mommy Style - Celeb Style for Moms

J Crew knit top
$20 -

Forever21 v neck tee
$4.50 -

Black blazer
$45 -

Quiksilver distressed jeans
$35 -

Almost famous jeans
$35 -

Almost famous jeans
$35 -

Black lace up boots
$20 -

ASOS leather boots
$26 -

Black boots
$50 -

Stiletto high heels
$27 -

Foldable flat
$30 -

I've had so much fun recreating three of Kim Kardashian's looks for ya'll and I hope that all of you have gotten at least some inspiration from my Mommy Style posts!  I can't wait for you to see what I've got in store for Monday's new Mommy Style post, I love it & I think ya'll are going to love it too. 

I've wanted to post some other things this last week, but I just started a job and I've been beat and busy, so I'm looking forward to posting more this coming week!

Thanks, Dolls!

xoxo - Ashlee, your Personal Mommy Stylist


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