Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy Style - Celeb Style...For Moms

It was hard for me to pick which celebrities style I wanted to talk about for my first Mommy Style post.  I've got a long list of celebrities for this feature, but I wanted the very first Mommy Style post to be extra special.

That's when it hit me - BAM! - like a knee to the face!  Why not do a Kardashian?  Since I'm their long lost fourth sister who was switched at birth, with a smaller booty and a lighter complexion of course, it makes perfect sense.  Seriously ya'll, I'm like a little mini Southern Kardashian over here, ask my Husband or my Daddy, they'll tell ya!

Are ya'll ready to get this party started, dolls?

The Look Kim K Casual

There's one thing we all know Kim loves, besides her family, her ginormous engagement ring, and her ballin' Husband to be that is, and it's jackets, blazers, coats, shrugs and sweaters.  Kim is all about them for day and for night.  And why not?  They instantly pull an outfit out of drab territory into fab territory.  They make your look more polished and you get a lot of bang for your buck with them as well.

This is a look that any mom can wear out at anytime.  It's just as easy to pull on some cute skinny jeans, an adorable top and throw on a jacket right before walking out the door for the day as it is to throw on your sweats.

If you're not a girl that likes to wear heels don't sweat it, you can easily replace the towering heels that Kim is wearing in the photos with flats.

I'm going to be trying out to try to make this as simple for everyone, including myself, as possible.  You can view the looks I've put together on the A Housewife Manifesto page I set up there just for my Mommy Style posts here.  

This is a basic look for Kim - Black Blazer, Skinny Jeans, a cute top, Black Heels and a big bag.  I put the outfit together using more affordable clothes without skimping on style.
The prices of the pieces rang from $50.00 to $10.00 and I've put in a lot of choices for jeans, shoes, bags, tops and jewelry.  I also included some flats for those Mamas that may not feel inclined to wear heels.

Mommy Style - Celeb Style for Moms

Frenchi ribbed cardigan
$25 -

Lira oversized tee
$20 -

Soft Joie pima cotton tee
$22 -

Skinny fit jeans
$20 -

Victoria's Secret skinny fit jeans
$30 -

Star jeans
$35 -

Jane Norman skinny leg jeans
£20 -

High heel pumps
$50 -

High heel pumps
$21 -

ASOS ballerina shoes
$43 -

Slip on shoes
$30 -

Foldable shoes
$30 -

Black hobo handbag
$50 -

Under One Sky satchel shoulder bag
$38 -

Under One Sky faux leather handbag
$32 -

Black studded bag
$42 -

Black handbag
$47 -

Miss Selfridge coin jewelry
£13 -

Urban Outfitters locket pendant
$34 -

ASOS chain jewelry
$14 -

J Crew link necklace
$45 -

ASOS metal jewelry
$10 -

So there you have it, a cute, stylish outfit that won't break the bank!  Hope ya'll will enjoy my Mommy Style posts!


Unknown said...

I like your blog and style but I'm not a mommy. I might get a pup in the future though. that counts right? Follow me at

Nikki Darlin' said...

I love this look.

Ashlee @ A Housewife Manifesto said...

I'm pretty much obsessed with the embellished pumps from, Nikki. I love dressing up jeans with heels and a blazer or cardigan, so cute!

That totally counts, Dani! Puppies make the best starter babies and 'fur babies' need super hot Mama's too!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the post & you nailed Kimmy's style!

The Random Blogette said...

Love it! Please tell me you are going to do these regularly. This is perfect for work. I love being able to wear jeans to work but I get in a rut and I need to jazz up my style a bit. I will definitely get this outfit. I may even have to post about it to give you some exposure sweetie!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Just stopping by to thank you for joining the Tuesday Train!! The outfit is adorable ~ thanks for the shopping tips!

Hope you'll visit again soon!

twinklenicci said...

Hiya newest follower here , popping over and following from monday mingle would love a follow back , nicci

Olivia Douglass said...

Love it- I can always use some style tips!

Stopping by on the Good Friends Just Click blog hop and following along via GFC, Facebook, and Twitter. Hope you're able to stop by!


Paula Robinson said...

gotta love polyvore!

I am not a Kardashian fan, but she does have a great wardrobe. She outta with all the money!


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