Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lisas Crafty Stitches Review

If you're on my Facebook, or even if you've read this post, you've seen my littlest baby loves amazing Halloween Costume.  He dressed up as a Vampire this year for Halloween.  His costume was too stinking cute, and we got a lot of really sweet compliments on it.  People commented on how original it was, and several people asked me if I made it for him.  Clearly it was a hit.

What you may not know is that I am not the person responsible  for creating the top half of his costume.  Lisa from Lisa's Crafty Stitches on Etsy did!  While I do sew I do not sew nearly as well as Lisa does.  Lisa is an amazing seamstress and I was in awe of her creativity, honestly.  She took a simple white long sleeved Gerber brand onesie and turned it into a tuxedo fit for even the most stylish little vampire.

I wasn't sure what the quality of the costume would be, but I can tell you that I was so excited to get it in the mail.  When it came in I immediately opened it up to inspect Lisa's handy work.  It was impeccable!  The fabric was good quality and her skills as a seamstress were top notch.  She had done an amazing job with this costume.  It was way beyond cute and it was very well made. 

His costume came as a one piece.  As I stated it was once just a plain white long sleeve Gerber onesie, until Lisa sewed a little black vest on it, complete with a button, a red satin bow tie and a black cape lined with red fabric.  The fabric was so soft and so smooth and the fit was perfect.  On top of all of that Lisa is a doll of a woman, and so talented and creative to boot.  She worked with me to figure out the best size and fit for Jagger's costume.  She was so sweet through it all.  She shipped it out right away, after she had finished it. 

Lisa doesn't just make the cutest hand made costumes on Etsy though, she also has the sweetest little hand made dresses as well.  Lisa makes the most adorable Christmas Decorations for your home and quite a few other things.  One of my favorite things in her store is the Kids Club House card table tent, which allows you to transform any card table into a really cool kids fort or club house for you children. 

If you're looking for some unique holiday decorations or a beautiful handmade dress for your daughter or even a Frankenstein or Dracula Costume for a friend who loves classic horror films child or baby then Lisa's Crafty Stitches is deserving of at least a quick look see.  She's also got some Thanksgiving Onesies and such for the kiddos, and we all know that Nana's can't resist a baby decked out in cute holiday clothing!

I would like to thank Lisa for being such a doll as to let me review her adorable Vampire Baby Costume for Jagger's first "real" Halloween this year.  He looked so cute in his costume, and I owe that to you and your generosity, Lisa, so thank you so very much for that!

I did not receive any money for this review or my opinions.  I was given a costume from Lisa's Crafty Stitches to review, so that I could give my honest opinion about the quality of her work and her Etsy shop.  My having received a free product to test did not affect or sway my opinions in any way at all.  All opinions given are my own.



nitebyrd said...

That is an adorable costume! I'd never have known it started as a onsie. Lisa is very crafty! LOL

BTW, y'all looked wonderful for Halloween!

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

I know, I thought it was so neat how she turned a onesie into a vampire costume. I really like that Frankenstein baby beanie too. Too cute with the bolts coming out of it!

Thank you! (=

Anonymous said...

WOW! She's great!! Fantastic review..gonna have to go check her out.

Anonymous said...

Lisa also made me a costume. My son was a cow. He looked so cute! I got tones of compliments as well!! What was also so great it now that Halloween is over I can take off the tail and now he can use them as PJ's. I loved loved loved her work!!! So talented.

Lindsey said...

Awwww. He's so cute. I can't wait to have kids and get to dress them up!

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