Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things I didn't know

12 Things I didn't know before Jagger's First Birthday Party that I know now!

See numbers 8 & 9
  1. Frankenstein Cake will turn your babies poop lime green the day after it has been eaten.
  2. My Brothers Wife will steal food from the party by pretending like the stolen food is scraps of half eaten food from the kids plates for her puppy.
  3. My Brothers Wife will collect 5 large take home boxes full of these scraps.
  4. My Brothers Wife possesses some obscure magical power to turn 5 bread sticks and 3 pieces of partially eaten pizza into 4 large take home boxes full of scraps that don't have not even the first bite taken out of them.
  5. My Brothers Wife will also steal all the vanilla cake, leaving me with only 2 pieces of vanilla and 6 pieces of chocolate cake. 
  6. My family doesn't like chocolate cake.
  7. Carrot cake is amazingly tasty, but Jagger still prefers the icing no matter how good the Carrot Cake is.
  8. When making Dracula cookies you should not use the black gel icing for his hair or else they will come out looking more like Gene Simmons than Dracula.
  9. That sometimes you just have to accept that your vampire cookies look more like Edward Cullen than Dracula because you can't undo what has been done, especially if what has been done was done on white cookie icing.  Just embrace your messy haired Edward Cullen cookies and move on with the day.  
  10. That the hardest part of decorating a Frankenstein shaped cake is the bolts in his neck.  You should also not put the bolts at his hair line, because not only is this wrong but it is a bitch to remove!
  11. That no one will tell you if you're walking around with eyeliner smudged on your face/cheek even though they know that you just rushed home to take a 4 minute shower so you could wash your face and hair and you haven't put your makeup on yet let alone look in a mirror.  So thanks for telling me, assholes!
  12. That some kids think it's acceptable behavior to ask for more than one gift bag over and over even after you've told them that you only have enough for one per person.  Especially if these kids have been raised by my Brothers Wife.  They also may attempt to take things out of Aiden's gift bag while he isn't looking to put into theirs.  (Actually only my niece did this, my nephew is a darling and very mature and well behaved.)

See number 1



nitebyrd said...

That picture of the birthday boy is priceless! Looks like he had a great time. Your brother's wife is a pip!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! LOL, your brothers wife sounds crazy!

NikkiDarlin' said...

aww so cute. I love the party theme, wish I would have been that creative.

Nikki Darlin' <3

EnVii said...

Jagger is a cutie!! LOVE the cookies =) and your brothers wife "wow" is all i can say

Shell said...

Your brother's wife sounds like a piece of work!

June said...

I agree with Shell...Wow.
Love the Edward cookies!!

singedwingangel said...

I would have called SIL out dead in front of everyone seriously... and he is a dollbaby

jsmommy9804 said...

Your sil is an interesting human being, and by interesting I mean deplorable.

I could have told you that Jagger would be pooping green LOL

The Random Blogette said...

I loved looking at Jagger's bday pics on facebook. You did such a fantastic job on everything! But seriously your brother's wife sounds like a real piece of work. I have a very obese aunt who always steals food from parties so my mom has a routine where about 30 minutes after everyone is done eating she hurries up and puts everything away. My aunt actually took home 5 large to-go boxes from MY baby shower. I could've killed her.

Ian said...

That is beyond awesome!!! And happy birthday from the boogeyman!

stash mama said...

That was too funny! I see some hatin on your brothers wife lol aka your sister in law lol but yes too funny! Hope she doesnt read your blog lol

Annie D said...

What a cutie!! And I love that you decorated the cake yourself instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a professional one. I decorate my kids' cakes too, but they never really turn out well ;)

And your brothers wife sounds just peachy. Does she get all of the Thanksgiving leftovers too?

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