Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Jagger!

19/20 week Belly with Jagger
30 week Belly with Jagger (Still wearing normal clothes!)
At 2:00 am on October 23 2009 my water broke.  I was freaking out and called my friend Summer.  She talked me down from the ledge so to speak, because I was thisclose to a panic attack because I was about to go into labor with my second son at 35 weeks 6 days.  I wasn't as worried about him being a month early as I was with Aiden, because I had already done this once and Aiden was fine.  I was scared none the less though.
My bestie, Kristy, holding Jag a few minutes after he was born.
At this very minute my baby J had been born for only a few hours.  I texted right through my labor!  I didn't even have any pain medication or anything!

Jagger in the hospital -- Day 2!  Look at all that hair!

Eventually we got to come home, and you were so cute and tiny. Your big brother Aiden just loved you, and he was so excited to have you home.  He wanted to hold you as soon as we came through the front door!
Jagger getting ready to come home!
You gave Mommy a scare though when your temperature went down and you couldn't regulate it on your own.  I stayed up with you for 2 or 3 days straight with only 2 or 3 short naps, keeping your wrapped in blankets and breast feeding you!

Aiden holding Jagger mere minutes after we got home!
Then you were just fine!  We got over that hurdle together.  And you started growing and getting fatter and cuter and bigger. 

Jagger asleep in his bassinet!

Eventually you were rolling over!

The first time Jagger rolled over!

Then you were big enough to sit in the bumbo while your brother played outside!

First time outside to "play"
You were even able to participate in Silly Hat Day!

Silly Hat Day 2010
And you got bigger and started trying to crawl!

Jagger trying to crawl!

And you started sitting up on your own!

Now here we are, one year after your birth!  You're walking.  You can say Mama, Dada, Na-Na (which means No No), Ba-Ba for the bottle, Yay when you're happy or when you're clapping and you can say Hey and Hi.  You wave bye bye to people, clap your hands, and play patty cake.  You snuggle up to your Mommy and can give kisses when you want to.  You want to play with your big brother all the time and your favorite thing to do is crawl or walk around the house looking for brothers toys because apparently yours aren't cool enough.  When we tell you No No, you give it right back to us by yelling NA-NA and grunting or growling at us.  You're cute, funny, sweet and sometimes a hand full.  You smile at everyone, and you've never met a stranger.  Every where we go people talk to you and you talk back or smile.  You're the apple of all of our eyes, and we love you so much Jagger!

Jagger at Pizza Hut with my Girls and our babies a week ago!



Nikki Cupcake said...

aw he's such a little person!

happy birthday to him!

EnVii said...

he is a cutie.. happy birthday to him!!!

NikkiDarlin' said...

what a sweet heart. I also wore normal clothes up until about 25 weeks. about month 8 I got huge, to me, everyone said I was still so small. Skylee was born a month early and fine.

Happy Birthday Jagger!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Jag! It's insane how quickly he's grown..what a cutie!

Anonymous said...


I wore regular clothes until about my 28th week in my 1st pregnancy,
16 weeks in my second 12 in my THIRD and 9th week. :( in my fouth, lol.

Melissa (gweb) said...

Awwww, Happy Birthday!

Babes Mami said...

Happy Birthday Big Man!

DazzleMea said...

Aww, happy birthday Jagger! P.S. I'm so freaking jealous of your baby belly! By 20 weeks I was already as big as a house.

Ya done good, mama.^_^

jsmommy9804 said...

MY BABY!! hehehe "My lap is wet" it's all good, I hope he had a great birthday.
Now to get Tommy to not have a 1st birthday.

nitebyrd said...

You've got some fine looking boys!

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