Friday, October 8, 2010

Saturday Six - Smutt TV FMK Edition!

 It's Saturday, so you all know what that means, right?

In case you don't know what that means I'll tell you.  It means that it's time for me to team up, once again, with my fabulous co-hostess Jana-Banana aka Boobies for The Saturday Six!

We've decided that we need to throw in some extra awesome this week, so we've invited our bitch Ange from over at Names Won't Be Changed to be our extra special Guest Hostess this week.   And as if that wasn't enough awesome in one place, we're throwing you another curve ball in the form of another FMK version of The Saturday Six!  

Oh, but it's not just any old FMK Saturday Six, it's the very extra special Smutty TV FMK Saturday Six!

So listen up, and listen up closely!  I want to let everyone know something, so read very closely, okay?  You paying attention?  Full attention?

THE RULES, yes there are rules to the Saturday Six, are as follows:

1.)  You MUST take our amazing Saturday Six button and place it in your Saturday Six post!
2.)  You MUST link back to ALL the hosts blogs in your Saturday Six post!  Not just to my blog, or just to Jana's blog & not even just to Ange's Blog -- You have to link to ALL of the hosts blogs in the post, it's just good manners!
3.)  You MUST have an ACTUAL Saturday Six post where you are actually participating in The Saturday Six.  So please do NOT link up your giveaways or just link up your blog when you're not going to actually participate!  Again, it's just good manners!
4.)  You MUST plat the game correctly.  That's the whole point, we all wanna see who you would pick to get freaky with, who you would pick to tie the knot with and who you would choose to kick the bucket.  It's no fun if you say kill them all, kill two of them, and don't get nasty with or marry anyone. 

All you gotta do is pick one person to fuck, one person to marry and one person to kill from each question.  Simple enough, right?  Oh, and feel free to elaborate, we're some nosy ladies and we wanna know why you picked how you picked!  ;)

Now, let the fucking, the marrying and the killing begin!
  1. Nancy Grace, Barbara Walters, & Katie Couric
  2. Jay Leno, Larry King, & David Letterman
  3. Oprah, Kelly Ripa, or Tyra
  4. Dr. Phil, Maury, Jerry Springer
  5. Snooki, J-Woww, Angelina
  6. The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Vinny 

Now, for my answers:
  1. Nancy Grace, Barbara Walters, & Katie Couric?  I'd get freaky with Katie, Marry Nancy (because I love her), and I'd have to kill Barbara, sorry..I really do love you.
  2. Jay Leno, Larry King, & David Letterman?   Jay, tie the knot with Larry and Kill David cause he's a douche.  Maybe I could get one of Jay's pimp rides out of it, you never know!
  3. Oprah, Kelly Ripa, or Tyra?  I'd get it on wit Tyra, Get hitched to Kelly because she would probably be a good wifey and kill Oprah because I've just never really been a fan.
  4. Dr. Phil, Maury, Jerry Springer?  Ugh!  I'd get *gag* nasty with Maury, Marry Dr. Phil and Kill Jerry I suppose.  I can't decide which is the lesser of 3 evils, honestly.
  5. Snooki, J-Woww, Angelina?  Get it on with Snooki, she's kinda sorta cute..if she wasn't orange I guess, Marry J-Woww cause she's kind of a hottie and Angelina can bite it, cause she's just ICK, fugnasty!
  6. The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Vinny?  Oh goodness.  Here comes that lesser of 3 evils thing again.  Hmm..Gross!  I suppose I'd have to get it on with the man with the hair that defies gravity, yep you guessed it, Pauly.  I'd probably marry Vinny, cause he seems like the least douchey of the 3, maybe?  And I'm sorry to Mike, because the situation just got a lot worse for him, since he's the one I've got on my hit list here!



Kristin @ Domestically Disabled said...

OK I so promise I did not read your awnsers before I did mine. but I notice how similar they are right down to us both using the word Douchy on # 6. this is why I LOVE you!!!

Anonymous said...

Whutttt? You can't off Oprah! She's loaded! Lol

Didn't even think of jays pimp car collection. Very smart!

Crazy Brunette said...

I've never been a big fan of Oprah either... I think that bitch was more for our Moms!

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