Friday, October 1, 2010

Saturday Six

I took a little break last week in part due to my Nephew's Birthday Party and in part due to my forgetting that Friday was actually Friday last week.  I'm back this week with my girl J from Boobies, Babies & a Blog though, and we're going to hook y'all up with some questions!

All you gotta do is copy & past our question & our button into your posts and link back to J and myself and you'll be good to go!  Then come back to one of our blogs and link up so we can all read your answers.  Easy as pie!

This weeks questions:

1.)  You get a million dollars, what's the first thing you buy?
2.)  What do you consider to be the best things about yourself?  (Your best qualities, what you like about yourself etc.)
3.)  What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
4.)  Have you ever made a scene in public? Elaborate!
5.)  Any annoying quirks you possess?
6.)  Are you more aggressive or passive in your personality?

I'll be adding my answers a little later, because my son is refusing to go to bed, so I've got to lay down in the bed with him so that he will (hopefully) go to sleep.  I wanted to hook you all up with this weeks questions right quick before I do that!

My Answers:

1.)  You get a million dollars, what's the first thing you buy?  A house with a nice piece of land, in Tennessee! 
2.)  What do you consider to be the best things about yourself?  (Your best qualities, what you like about yourself etc.) 
I'm a really good friend, I'm fiercely loyal to my friends & it takes a lot for me to give up on a friend or our friendship.  (It's funny, cause Ange & I were just talking about this the other day)  I'm polite, which I think is something that is dying out, I always say please and thank you when I'm out somewhere.  I'm really comfortable in my skin & with who I am.  I'm a great Wife & Mom and all that!  I'm a good person.  I pretty much love everything about myself, I have really good self-esteem.  I will fight for what I believe in or love.  I'm forgiving, and very empathetic.  I try to help people when ever I can.  I'm incurably myself, and always will be.  I am willing to listen to the other side of things, and try to be as unbiased as possible.  I will stand up for what is right, even if the person who is right isn't my favorite person.  I'm very honest, and my friends know not to ask me if they don't want the truth or my honest opinion, I don't lack tact, but I will always tell you the truth.
3.)  What do you consider to be your weaknesses? 
I'm forgiving, often too much so.  I'm very empathetic and really feel for people who are in tough situations, often leading to forgiving them for screwing me over.  My kids!  If you mess with my kids you've had a REALLY REALLY bad day, so don't fuck with them or take from them!
4.)  Have you ever made a scene in public? Elaborate! I have a baby sister, she's not really my baby sister but I've helped to raise her since she was young and she's more like my baby sister than my friend.  Do not fuck with her.  Seriously.  Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with this little whore who knew they were dating, and had been talking shit about my baby sister for months & months and had been messing with her boyfriends head.  It's a small town, I was waiting to see her out.  When I did I saw her in this crowded parking lot, and I marched up to her and said very loudly "Are you *insert whores name here*?"  She answered that she was.  So I replied with "Well, I just think you are the biggest whore I've ever heard of.  And you're not a very good person either, talking shit about someone to their boyfriend, trying to make him think that she's possessive when she's not and trying to get him to sleep with you and cheat on her.  Yep, I just think you're one of the most morally retarded whores I've ever had the misfortune of meeting."  Her jaw dropped, and I said "Awe honey, did you not know?  You can't act like a spoiled little whore in a small town and not expect people you don't even know to think you're a whore.  Grow up, and get some morals and self-worth."  That's about the closest I've come to making a public scene in a few years, there were about 15 or so people around listening to the exchange.
5.)  Any annoying quirks you possess? 
I'm sure there are.  You would have to ask my husband about that one though.  I've actually asked him this question before, and he usually says "nothing you do annoys me" and then I call him a liar and we move on.  lol
6.)  Are you more aggressive or passive in your personality?
  If I have something to say, you'll know it.  I'm pretty laid back, and I can go with the flow and all that, but I'm definitely more so an aggressive person.  I always have been.  That doesn't mean that I'm like this huge cunt all the time or anything like that, I'm actually a very nice person.  I ignore a lot of things, because they're just not worth my time or energy, like my sister-in-law (more on that later), but I've found that the strongest people in life are the ones who don't feel the need to talk shit all the time or talk themselves up and try to sound like this huge aggressive bad ass, again like my sister-in-law (lol), I've found that things like that are usually just a front for weakness, fear, hurt feelings or jealousy (and sometimes a combination of all those things, do I really have to say it a third time?).  I'm not easily swayed or led on the important things, but I am flexible with some things, of course, everyone is.  (=



EnVii said...

i will be linking up! already have everything on my post =) hope you have a great weekend

Anisha said...

I'm linking up this Saturday with ya!! Looking forward to your answers.......

Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

Thanks for the questions be back later =)

Adrienne said...

This seems like a fun Saturday hop. I will have to plan for it next week. :)

aims said...

linked up... love saturday six.. you girlios rock!!! ♥

Babes Mami said...

Manners are fantastic! That is definitely something I'm not sure gets taught as much as it should!

SB said...

i love the whole sisterly love. makes me happy that i am the baby with four older brothers lol loved your answers

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Hey I wanted to follow your Sex Sunday. Did I miss it?? Or am I a freak and just can't figure out how to join?


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