Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Six

Welcome to the Saturday Six!  A fabulous new meme brought to you by Boobies, Babies & a Blog and myself, Love comma Ashlee!  It's simple, just grab the button above to paste into your own post, copy the questions, paste them into your own Saturday Six post and answer them however you feel like answering them!  Don't forget to spread some comment love, so that you can get some comment love in return!

The questions this week are:

1.)  Tell us one nasty habit you have--we all know you have one!
Oh gosh!  When I get drunk...and I'm outside I'll pee..basically anywhere and in front of anyone, I have no shame in general, this gets worse when I'm drunk...and yes I mean anyone, in front of you, your boyfriend, your Mom...I really don't care at that point.  I just know I'm really drunk and I gotta tinkle that's about all that's running through my mind.  I'm a spitter, it's gross I know it, but you can always tell when I'm about to get in a fight because I spit on people and kick my shoes off.  I smoke, unfortunately, which is probably the granddaddy of all nasty habits.  I'm hoping to quit.

2.)  You are able to hire one of the following-which is it? Maid, Chef, Gardener.
A maid, fo sho!  I have a hard time keeping up with the mess my 3.5 year old and my newly mostly mobile almost 10 month old make.  Of course my oldest is worse, but the good thing about him is he has a freakishly clean OCD gene that forces him to clean up his own spills.  OCD gene aside he is still an almost 4 year old boy, so yeah..I'd pick a maid!

3.)  Would you sacrifice one of your fingers for half a million dollars?
I couldn't! I just couldn't do it.  I'm far to vain of a person to lose a finger of my own free will and choice.  Besides that I'm kind of using all of my fingers right now, and I wear a lot of sandals, strapy heels and peep toed stilettos, so I couldn't do a toe either.

4.)  Tell us how your husband popped the question? (If you're not married how would you want someone to pop the question?)
My Husband suggested we get married about two months after we got back together after a moderately long break.  Neither of us did too well being apart, and we always came back together.  There is no question that we were madly in love.  He asked me while going into the hospital after we had fight.  He was 18, I was 19 and we were both dealing with a lot of issues related to both of our families.  He said that I was closer to him than anyone else in the world, I cared about him more than anyone ever has and he loved me more than he could ever fathom loving anyone and more than he has ever loved anyone, and he wanted to marry me.  I said yes.  We talked about it for the next 5 days, mulling over the decision and to make sure it was the right time.  Basically it boiled down to us both having dysfunctional families growing up, and we wanted to make a family of our own that wasn't like that.  We were already living together, and we are just really good together, a matched pair and very committed to each other.  We went and picked out my ring together and married the next day at the courthouse.  Our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up on the 15th of this month!  I love you Justin!

5.)  Is there anyone that has ever done you so wrong that you just can't forget or forgive all?
I can always forgive the actions of others, but I don't forget.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I would ever want that person in my life anymore though, because sometimes you're better off without toxic friendships and liars in your life and inner circle of friends.

6.)  Do you believe that people should wait until marriage to have sex? Why or why not? 



Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I posted a Satureday Six on my blog. Thanks to you and Boobies!

-MissC* said...

I am following from Boobies. Just posted my six! Can't wait for next Saturday.
BTW I changed my layout before I saw yours! lol I am only saying this cause ours are similiar and I changed mine after a new follower decided she needed to have mine! And I don't want you to think I stole yours!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie. I didn't even notice there was a Linky for this. Thanks again and of course I dont' mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi FIve! We're both spitters! LMAO

This Mom said...

Hi there! I just found you through The Nestwork, and I am your newest follower.

I love your blog's title - how original!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

~Mo~ said...

Following from Mamas Little Nestwork!

Sofia said...

This was fun!! Thanks!


"Twingle Gal" Stephanie said...

I'm bummed I missed out on this; but now I know for next Saturday!

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