Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday Minute and GTKY Sunday

Monday Minute

Describe your life in one word

Is there something you wish you had learned how to do as a child?
No, not really.  As a child I was a dabbler.  I did a little bit of everything.  Gymnastics, dance, piano, get the idea..

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
My Mother.  The fact that she passed away when I was little influenced everything from my wanting kids as soon as possible to my anxiety to my fear of losing people I love and my fear of people leaving me.  My kids have had a huge impact on who I am, they changed everything about me, and the way I view the world.

What is your greatest dream/hope/aspiration?
To raise my boys to be gentlemen!  If I raise them to be good, content people with morals who care about the world and have faith then I'll be happy!

and finally...

Do you believe you have reached your potential?  Why/why not?
No, I don't believe anyone has.  Because we grow from each experience, we change and we learn, at least I think we're supposed to.  I know that I'm only 24 years old, so I haven't become the best person I can be yet.  I still have the temper of a reality show contestant with everyone but my kids and my husband, and I'm working on that among other things about myself.

Getting to know YOU

1. If you were to win an award today, what would it be for?  Being a super hawt mama?  Yeah, I'll go with that.  ;)
2. What is your shoe style?  It really depends.  The shoes I like most are edgy, sexy and sometimes a little bit slutty.  I'm a woman who loves heels.  The higher the better, I don't like chunky heels just as a general rule, but sometimes there are exceptions to that, but generally I have an unnatural obsession with prefer stilettos.  I have since I was 9 or so.  I also love boots, boots are one of my favorite items in the world to purchase...I love them even more when I can combine two obsessive loves of mine and buy boots with a stiletto heel.  In the summer I wear sandals, but I only wear really really flat sandals, because it is my opinion that really really flat sandals look more chic than chunky sandals or flip flops. If I have to wear anything other than stilettos, boots or my sandals then I will wear Chuck Taylor All Stars, only high tops though and I love them too.   I do own one pair of Vans, and they are cute, but they just don't do it for me, I'm a 6 inch heel kinda girl I'll wear them with dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts and to ball games, shows, concerts, the grocery store...It's kinda my thing.
3  Does your car reflect your personality? Other than the fact that it has dark glittery green paint, no.hjgjuhrhr
4. If you could take over someones body for a day..whose would you choose? My husband.  Maybe my son's so that everyone would have to do stuff for me! Or maybe Oprah's so that I got give my husband a couple of hundred million as a donation to his family!  Yeah, I think I would go with the latter.
5. Love or be loved?  Love.  I love to love, what can I say!  I enjoy being loved as well, and I really enjoy the small things my husband does to show me his love, but it is much more rewarding when you're the one doing the small things.
6. If you were on death row, what last meal would you choose? Fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, masked potatoes, collard greens, cornbread and milk, boiled cabbage, fried potatoes, banana pudding, apple pie and brownies.  Oh, and sweet tea with lemon!
7. Have you been on vacation this Summer, if so where? Nope.
8. What is your favorite food related guilty pleasure? I don't really have one.  Although I do like to watch my reality tv with a snack, it's usually oriental ramen noodles or frosted mini wheats.


Katie said...

I really enjoyed finding your blog, and learning so much about you right off the bat! I also have a little boy, and one of my biggest goals is to raise him to be a gentleman.

Can't wait to read more - I'm following you now!

Found your blog on Mama's Little Nestwork :-) Don't you love it??

Jenn said...

Thanks for linking up! I love your blog name! :)


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