Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday Minute

1 - What's the specs of the first computer you owned?
I don't remember.  I know I was pretty young when we got it.  Maybe 13 or 14.  It was a Hewlett Packard.  Ch'yeah!

2 - Are you on Twitter/Facebook/etc, if so link it/them up
I am indeed.  I am pretty much on everything.  It's all linked up on here already though.  (=

3 - Who's more to blame for the oil mess in the gulf - BP or the Gov't and why?
BP.  Ugh, BP!  They have a long history of being completely nonsensical and moronic.  It's quite irritating, they have a complete and utter disregard for safety, it really is disgusting.  Eff you, BP!

4 - What's your favorite Dr. Suess book?
Green Eggs and Ham or Are You My Mother!  The latter was one of the first books I ever remember reading, the former...well it's just a classic!

5 - What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a Playboy Model.  You can read more about that here!



Ian said...

Ok enough teasing - which issue are you in?

j/k ;)

Kmama said...

LOL at #5 and Ian's comment!

I had no idea what my computer specs were either. We aren't alone. No one knows. ;-)

Thanks for linking up.

Mama Hen said...

Hey Ashlee! I love Green Eggs and Ham! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Mrs. Mother said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this. Has he filed for unemployment? I was terminated from my job two years ago, and because they couldn't prove I had done anything wrong (I hadn't), I was able to draw.

I get a lot of my daughter's clothes on craigslist, and I also do yard sales. It's a great way to get good clothes for cheap.

I wish I knew what to tell you about the work on the house, but I don't. I hope things look up for you soon, and I am following your blog. I hope you will do the same for me.

Mama Hen said...

Happy Father's Day Ashlee! Have a fun day with your fammily!

Mama Hen

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