Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Three Loves!

So...there's this guy, and he kinda rawks my sox!  His name is Justin, and he pretty much thinks the world of me!  He's my husband, and I love him more than I ever thought I could love any man in the world.  He makes me so happy, like kid in a candy store, just won the lottery when you've been homeless for years happy!  We've been married since August 15, 2005 and some times it's been rough but we've gotten through it and came out on top.  No one thought we would make it, yet here we are...still going strong.  We started dating in high school when I was 17 years old though we broke up for a little over a year when I was 18.  We're just meant to be, he's the love of my life and I'm the love of his.  It's pretty much like an addiction at this point I think!

On December 2, 2006 we were blessed with the most beautiful little boy that I had ever seen.  Born at 35 weeks 6 days!  Aiden Konnor is the light of our lives.  He's just bursting with this huge personality, and he also thinks he's Batman at times, but so what...look at that face!  Would you have the heart to tell him he's not really Batman?  I didn't think so!  He's totally a Mama's boy, finally!  I've been waiting years to say that, since for the first two he was attached to his Daddy's hip.  If you ask him who his best friend is he's tell you that it's Mommy.  That's my favorite thing in the world too by the way!  He's a total ham and a show off, wonder where he got that from?  What?  Why are you looking at me?  (=

On October 23, 2009 we were blessed with another baby boy!  Also at 35 weeks 6 days, how weird is that?  Jagger Brennan is probably the happiest baby I've ever seen.  He's crying one minute then you just look at him and he's grinning from ear to ear.  I love it!  He's such a sweet baby!  So laid back and chilled out, although he is teething right now so that has changed a bit, but surprisingly not that much.  He is determined to crawl and I look for him to do it any day now.  Actually he just sat up by himself today, and he also just turned 7 months today!  Yay Jagger! He's amazing.  I didn't think that I could love this much, but apparently I can because I love all three of my boys unconditionally!