Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mommy Style - Fall Fashion Bomus Look 1

This weeks first celebrity bonus look is Ashley Greene, and it's a super cute look for fall that is perfect for Moms!  Ashley Greene has a very cute and casual style, but she can also dress up and get it right every time.  Her look is very trendy without being overly so, and she knows how to pair on trend items with her favorites and make it work.

In the look I've recreated she's wearing a pair of boots that she wears all the time, I could have chosen 10 other looks with this same pair of boots in them.  When you have a favorite piece it's so easy to work it into a ton of outfits and change it up each time.

The Bonus Look: Ashley Greene Fierce Fall Fashion

Mommy Style - Fall Fashion - Celebrity Look 1

Boyfriend cardigan
$23 -

Knit cardigan
$32 -

T shirt
$30 -

V neck t shirt
$7.99 -

Old Navy v neck t shirt
$8.50 -

Forrest Bob v neck t shirt
$30 -

$49 -

Bluemint skinny jeans
$48 -

Hollister Co. cuffed jeans
$20 -

Thigh high boots
$30 -

Thigh high boots
$40 -

Not Rated high heels
$45 -

Not Rated high heels
$50 -

High heels
$40 -

Vintage handbag
$38 -

Satchel handbag
$20 -

Cross body handbag
$50 -

Owl necklace
$20 -

Pearl necklace
$9.99 -

Owl necklace
$15 -

ASOS owl pendant
$6.40 -

Owl necklace
$9.99 -

Wet Seal owl pendant
$8.50 -

The second pair of jeans is probably the closest to the pair that Ashley is wearing in the original photo, but as always I love to give ya'll a ton of options on prices and how you want to do this look.  If you're wearing top 1, 2 or 3 (or one of a similar color) then it would be best to go with cardigan number 2, but if you're wearing top 4 or 5 then it may be best to go with cardigan number 1, or a similar color.  This is because in this particular look Ashley's cardigan is darker than her top.  Any of the tops will go with any of the cardigans and can be paired with any of the jeans, boots, necklaces or bags!  As always everything is $50.00 or under and I've given several options on everything and options for flats instead of heels!

This look is so cute, and it's really similar to a few outfits that I have for Fall!  I love this look because it's so casual, but not overly so.  Still it's not as dressy as our Kim Kardashian Bonus Looks were.  This is a look that looks so put together and fashionable but is effortless and so easy to achieve.  

Don't forget to check back on Saturday for our last two bonus looks for the Fall Fashion Mommy StyleI've got two really cute looks ready for my favorite hot mama's and I'm so excited to share them with you all. 

Also look out for an awesome revew & giveaway tomorrow and a list of my current favorite makeup & beauty products to go along with this weeks Fall theme to the Mommy Style looks!

Thanks and I hope that ya'll have enjoyed this look & that you all like it!  

xoxo - Ashlee, your Personal Mommy Stylist!


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