Wednesday, January 5, 2011

D.A.R.E. - To Keep Fun in Blogs (and to keep blogs off drugs)

I'm starting a game of sorts, and as I said in my last post I hope you will all join in and play along.  (Would it help if I dared you?  What about double dog dared you?  If it does, then consider your yourself double triple dog dared to play along with me!)

Think of this great big blogoverse as a slumber party.  We all talk to each other about our personal lives, relationships and sometimes even our deepest darkest secrets!  You can head on over to Steph's Blog Babes Rockin' Mami on Makeup Mondays to get a (virtual) makeover and advice on how to get a certain look, so that part of the slumber party analogy is covered as well.  I don't think I've witnessed any blog pillow fights, but I could totally picture Ange and myself or Ashley and Gucci beating the crap out of each other with pillows so hard that the soft feather stuffing would pop out of the seams and cover the bed in a thick layer of soft, fluffy white feathers -- while wearing our cutest Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Bright pajamas of course.  You could head over to Jana's at Boobies, Babies and a Blog and read about the coolest new thang or some kind of trend.  So if you think about it, this society of blogging women we have here is much like a slumber party.

What's the one thing that's missing though?  You know what it is I'm sure, because we've all gathered around with our friends and sat down to play that slumber party staple of Truth or Dare.  I was telling Ange the other day that we used to play a version of the game in a group I was in on CafeMom, I made the variation up by the way, so I'm not stealing it from anyone there.  She encouraged me to turn it into a blog game because it would be fun.

It's truth or dare, except with the boring part cut out, and designed to be played online through blogs.  If you want to play, don't forget you've been double triple dog dared to play, then all you have to do is go here and read the rules, and enter the linky.  If you don't want to play along, you can still hand out dares, just visit the linky and see who's playing then go to their page and leave them a dare  in a comment to their post about the game.  I, for one, am excited to get started!

I'm starting the game by making this post.  So feel free to leave a dare for me in the comment section of this post!  So give me some good dares, and I'll start working on them ASAP!

Oh, and don't forget so sign up and play along!



Ange said...

After you telling Jason that he is a better singer than you are, I must hear this.

I dare you to post a vlog of you singing your choice of song from one of the following "artists" (and I use that word loosely).

Backstreet Boys
98 Degrees
Britney Spears
Rick Astley (Jason picked him)
Debbie Gibson
Justin Bieber

Gucci Mama said...

Pillow fight!

CB said...

Haha!!! Love it!!!! I'm wearing the Rainbow Brite jammies hooker!!!

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

Ange, you hooker! lol Everyone that reads this blog and can not resist the urge to hit the play button on the video is gonna hate you for this. PS please remove dogs from the room before playing any video where I'm singing. haha

I call the Hello Kitty jammies, mostly because I already have some. My bedroom used to be in Rainbow Bright though, when I was 5. (=

Anonymous said... we HAVE to wear pajamas? If so, dibs on She-Ra undies!

I suck at asking dares. I have no problems taking them (usually go for truth though).

I'm going to add on to Ange's. She dares you to make a video of you singing? I dare you to add a dance routine while you sing and post the video :)

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

I'll have to consult with my manager (aka my best gay friend) before I commit to that dance routine. lol

Babes Mami said...

Haha singing and dancing...will be hilarious!

Jason said...

I'm still doubtful that you actually sing worse than I do but good luck trying.

EnVii said...

I will take ange's dare a little farther LMAo .. Sing in your Jammies outside =) LOL LOL ..

Jason said...

By now I am sure you have heard of the "cinnamon challenge". Just in case, let me explain. You must attempt to swallow a tablespoon of plain cinnimon (all in one gulp) without vomiting or inhaling the powder.

This will need to be recorded of course, and the video published on your blog.

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

I will try to get it videoed outside, but I don't have much of a camera for videoing and I'll have to find someone to video it (my Husband sucks at this lol) I'm not sure if it's going to do well outside or not, but I'll try it. Ordinarily I would use this as an excuse to buy a new camera for videos, but we lack the funds right now. lol

Anonymous said...


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