Friday, October 29, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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You already know what it is, so I won't bore you with the details. Fawk You Friday, bitches, hosted by J, or you might know her as Boobies -- as in Boobies, Babies & a Blog and Christy from I'm Just Sayin' as always. 

Also, why don't you head on over here and vote for my girl, Jana, for Best Health/Beauty Blog in the Who's WHO in 2010!  Seriously, help a bitch out and rock the vote!  If you don't want to do it, do it anyway, she's seriously the ish...feel free to put me on your Fawk You list for forcing you to vote, I don't care just as long as you vote!

Now, onto my Fawk Yous for the week...

  • Fawk You Baby Teeth!  You are making it impossible for my baby love to sleep.  Stop it...just stop it, come in or quit hurting, those are the only two options I'm giving you point blank, period.  
  • Fawk You to caffeine.  I'm trying to quit you, Dr. Pepper, but you are just so enticing to me.  Why do I love you so?  What if my affair with your ruins my marriage, because the fact is you are making me fat and you are not allowing me to drop the last 5 or 10 baby weight pounds.  I'm sorry, but I have to end this thing between us, I just feel like it's self-destructive.  I've been doing so well, and when I finally think I'm rid of you, you just have this way of pulling me back in with your sweet, sugary, carbonated, Dr. Pepper goodness.
  • Fawk you to Aiden's Preschool.  Why am I not allowed to bring in cookies or cupcakes or something like that for his Halloween Party today?  WHY?  My Mommy always brought stuff in when I was in Preschool and Kindergarten, so why can I not bring in homemade treats for my little boy and his friends?  Yet you allow me to "donate" store bought candy.  Newsflash for the school:  STORE BOUGHT CANDY IS JUST AS UNHEALTHY AS HOMEMADE CANDY, COOKIES AND CUPCAKES, MAYBE MORE SO AND IT DOESN'T TASTE AS GOOD!  I seriously feel like they don't trust the parents, and that is not cool...not cool at all.
  • Fawk you to water for not tasting nearly as good as Dr. Pepper!  Boo on you!
  • Fawk you to the hole in my hallway floor.  While my husband was busy fixing you today he woke my baby up from his nap.  I'm blaming it on the hole in the floor and not Justin.
  • Fawk you, once again, to my Brothers Wife.  Why are you so damn crazy?  I could have swore that you were normal when he married you, maybe I was wrong.  Either way I'm giving you ONE MORE DAY to bring my fucking wedding band back to me before I beat your ass.  I'm completely serious too, I hate a thief.  
  • Fawk you to this county's CPS system.  You people take kids who do not deserve to be taken, but you leave kids in some of the worst conditions I've ever seen.  Why is that?  It's disgusting.  Just so you people know, it's NOT a good idea to separate an 8 year old boy with severe ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome from his mother, brothers and the only father and family he has ever known just to place him with the sperm donor that doesn't even know him.  Have a fucking heart, and get a clue -- that man does not care about that little boy, never has and never will, he doesn't understand his issues and doesn't believe that he should be on medication.  Congratulations on taking a family apart, separating the children and putting a little boy with serious medical issues in an even worse environment than he was in before.

Seriously people, Vote or Die...remember there's only 4 days left to vote for Jana and her Blog, Boobies Babies & a Blog for Who's WHO in 2010!  Hers is the best blog in her category hands fucking down!



Christy said...

First of all, what would have happened that would cause such a severe reaction as to remove that poor boy? My guess is nothing. Does the sperm donor just not want to pay for him anymore and by having him in his home he gets assistance from the government in the form of money every month? I've seen that happen.

I'm sorry you having to worry about this.

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

He is the oldest of our friends three sons. He has a VERY close bond with the middle son, because they are only 15 months apart in age.

The sperm donor and one of the mothers friends kept calling CPS on her. And they removed ALL the children. They have drug tested her, and she has passed them all but they considered them failed because she had Lortab in her system, but she has a prescription for Lortab, and now they're sending her to rehab before she can get her boys back. It's bullshit if you ask me. The oldest son, who is now away from his little brothers, the only family he knows and his mother and his real father -- the man who stepped up to raise him since he was 2 months old NOT the sperm donor.

Her friend got mad at her and called CPS on her, and the sperm donor was calling CPS for the exact reasons you listed. It's so sad, it broke my heart to see her crying and worrying about her little boy yesterday. It just doesn't make sense, you know?

The Queen said...

Voted.. didn't want to die..

SB said...

CPS scares me. They dont look at facts they just try and solve a problem that is not theirs. Even when there is no problem. I hope it all works out for them, if they have people fighting the cause.

love the new background!

Babes Mami said...

I kicked the diet pepsi a few months ago but the past few days I've had intense soda cravings!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

what the hell is she doing stealing your fucking wedding ring????

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