Monday, September 27, 2010

The coolest Birthday Party -- EVER!

I'm in the midst of planning the coolest first birthday party that you've ever seen.  It's taking up a good deal of my time, and between that and my design work I haven't had very much time for my own blog.  Which makes me sad, because I really do enjoy blogging.  Since the party is on my mind, I've decided to blog about it.  Well, I also need somewhere to put my ideas.  A place where Aiden won't find them and rip the paper they're written on to shreds or draw me a picture on them.  You get the idea.

Jagger's party is going to be a Halloween themed costume party.  I absolutely love Halloween!  It's one of my favorite holidays, and I am so beyond psyched to plan this party and go all out with decorations and all that!

The first order of business is the theme.  Since I've decided on what I want it's time to pick the decorations, plates, cups and all that good stuff.  For this I did an extensive search of the interwebs, and this is what I have come up with!

Meet The Boo Bunch!

You can check out the full selection of Boo Bunch decorations and party supplies here!  I am getting both of these and these plates, cups, napkins, table cloth, door cover, this banner, the cupcake tower, these edible images and this banner which will say Happy First Birthday Jagger!

For the treat bags I have a plan and that plan is to buy some trick or treat bags from the dollar store with monster faces on them, Dracula, Frankenstein, witches and mummies.  I will be putting the kids names on their bags, and it will be filled with some really cool toys and lots of traditional Halloween goodies.  I'm going to sit up stations around the yard, the house and my neighbors yard where the kids can go "trick or treating" and get candy for their bag, candied apples and all that good stuff.  Then the last stop on the mini trick or treating excursion will be a table set up to where all the kids get to design their very own mask.  I like crafts, and wanted to include that.  There will be glitter, feathers, beads, rhinestones, glue, glitter glue, crayons, markers, shapes and stincels and they will be able to decorate their own mask for their bags as well!  They are also getting these tattoos, these erasers, these yo yo's, these magnets.  They're also getting a couple other Boo Bunch things, as well as their very own plastic kids cups to take home that are super cute that I already picked up.  They will also be taking home these masks as well and their own cupcake in one of these Cupcake boxes!

After the trick or treating and the mask making is over the kids will be having a Halloween Parade around the yard and the adults will be "judging" their costumes and they will be winning prizes for their costumes.  Each child will win for something, since we're making it up as we go and will be taking home their own trophy as well as a giant classic lolli pop for winning!

Now, onto the food.  We will be having two different kinds of punch with hand shaped ice cubes that will be tinted to a slight green color made with rubber gloves and green food coloring.  There will be at least 3 cakes at the party.  The regular Birthday Cake.  Jagger's smaller birthday cake which I will be making for him, it's a home made carrot cake.  Then there will be this cake there as well:

There will also be a Frankenstein cake in the same fashion of the Bride of Frankenstein cake.  There will be cupcakes as well, with various kinds of decorations on them.  I'm getting both kinds of the Boo Bunch cupcake picks, and then my bestie Ali and I are going to be doing these cupcakes as well:

Dracula and Mummy Cupcakes!

Our Dracula cupcakes will have white icing instead of green though, more than likely!  We are also entertaining the idea of doing cupcakes that look like bats, have spiderwebs on them and a few other styles.  There will be tons and tons of goodies to eat, and everyone will have some to take home, that's what Halloween is all about after all!  I've got my cookie cutters and am ready to make a bunch of super cool Halloween cookies as well!  We're also going to be making monster fingers, if you don't know what that is then you have to check them out!  There will be pumpkin rolls as well and candied apples!  We're also making these cute monster apples for the kids to take home or eat as well, they're so cool!  Bottom line...TONS of food!  We're probably going to be eating pizza, bread sticks and spaghetti for the meal!

Before the kids leave we've got one more craft for them to do.  Making their own Halloween treat bags, which will be filled with cookies, cupcakes and other treats before they go home!

As far as invitations go, I will be making my own.  We're also buying the Boo Bunch bean bag toss game for the kids to play, as well as pin the tail on the black cat game!  We'll be getting tons of balloons and filling them with helium for the kids to all take one home, as well as getting the Boo Bunch paper lanterns to hang outside and a bunch of the ceiling decorations!  There will be lime green, black, orange and purple streamers and all kind of other Halloween decorations around the house and in the yard.

What was the theme for your kids first birthday party?  What did you do to celebrate



jsmommy9804 said...

Dayum, throw me a party would ya! I will need to see pics of this...or as you guessed it a famous quote or it never happened.

I cannot believe he's going to be 1! I remember you calling me and asking why your lap was wet lol

Ashlee @ The Zombie Housewife said...

I know! I was freaking out cause I thought I just peed myself but then when the rest of it gushed out I knew it was time, and I totally FREAKED! I'll throw you a party, but will you fly in to attend is the question? (=

A Daft Scots Lass said...

It looks fucking awesome!

McKenzie said...

So you are going to throw my party, too, right? =] Sounds like you have everything under control! Your party is going to be an absolute hit!!!!

DazzleMea said...

Holy hell, best birthday party indeed! Sounds epic.^_^ I'm totally jealous of your awesome party planning skills. For all of my kids' birthday parties the theme was "dont be a douche, just show up and have fun" lol.

Chelyeah said...

This is great! Too bad I have little girly girls that are more interested in princesses and fairies. I feel like having a Halloween party now just for those damn cupcakes!

jsmommy9804 said... least meet me half way! What's between you and me...umm Michigan? LOL

Silver Bella said...

This is very impressive! It makes me want to be a guest at this Spooktacular birthday bash! That mummy cupcake is so cute!

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