Sunday, September 19, 2010

This week's topic is easy, very easy!  List 10 things that you love about yourself!  If you want to play, make your own post and post 10 things you love about yourself and then link up here or at Ange's blog!

  1.  I love my shape.  I'm thin but curvy, loves it!
  2. I love my eyes.
  3. I love my personality!
  4. I love my kind of twisted sense of humor.
  5. I love my legs!
  6. I love my booty!
  7. I love my attitude, and how I'm not afraid to say what I think.
  8. I love that I'm not afraid to be myself, and that I've never been afraid to be who I am!
  9. I love my lips!
  10. 99.7% of the time I love everything about myself!
Don't forget to go over here and vote for me!  I'm the very last person on the list, can't miss me --! 



singedwingangel said...

I love that you are so sure of yourself. I think many women have trouble believing in ourselves and allow people to make us think we are unworthy of love and respect.. you go girl

Ange said...

I love that you are who you are, and are not changing for anyone. You rock!

Babes Mami said...

That's a great list!!

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