Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Blog Stalk Friday, Bitch!

One Crazy Brunette Chick

So I'm linking up with Ashley, or as many of you know her the craziest fucking brunette ho-bitch that you've ever had the pleasure (or the displeasure if you've managed to provoke her) of meeting!  She's awesome, angry, foul mouthed and totally hawt!  So here I am, hooking up with her formerly fuck-tastic meme via Steph's Blog Babes Rockin Mami!   So check them out if you haven't heard of them before, because they'll rawk your effing faces off!

BWS tips button

Shout out to one of my fave ladies Jana as well, because I am participating in Fawk You Friday!  So, onto my Fawk You list:

  1. Fawk You to the crack prices that they charge for beauty products.  I went looking for a wrinkle preventing face cream today and it was insane!  Seriously, it's crack prices!  
  2. Fawk You to my minor freak out about turning 25, and the fear of crows feet that comes with it!
  3. Fawk You to time!  My big man is growing up and is going to start Pre-K next month!  
  4. Fawk You to that movie The Road for being so damn sad.  Good movie, but it was so sad!  You should watch it!
  5. Fawk You to Starbucks and their addictive yet oh so tasty vanilla fruppicinos, which also have crack prices attached to them!


    Okay, is this not the cutest bakery advertisement that you've ever seen?  Who can resist the promise of the taste of utter bliss wrapped in a punk rock package?  I can't!  So Fawk You to Steph for making me want to order some of her rockin' baked goodness when I'm trying to lose weight!



    Crazy Brunette said...

    See bitch... This is why I fucking LOVE you!!! Oh and because you have INCREDIBLE taste, seeing as how I made Steph's button and all!!!

    Kristy said...

    how do you think I feel??? I'm going to be 27 next year! I'll offically be in my late 20's :(

    Christy said...

    oh man ... Starbucks is super addictive and is stealing all my money ...

    Babes Mami said...

    I was popping over to be all 'thanks for linking' while I'm hosting and then you had to go and be all sweet and nice and stuff!

    I'm turning 26 in December, I had a big freak out over 25! I like Oil of Olay basic moisterizer for all over. Cheap and effective. I'm currently using Ecco Bella for my eyes, kind of high but it's lasting forever and a day.

    Awww...I will take the fawk you, this shit is very tasty, very addictive and full fat lol

    DazzleMea said...

    I cried on my 25th birthday about how I'd be 26 the following year. lol.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Doll! I'm 30 and no crows feet yet...But I'm a anti-aging product junkie...agreed, crack prices!!

    Now you just lured me into Mami's bakery...fawk!

    Gucci Mama said...

    I remember freaking out about turning 25. Now I wish I was still 25. Siiiigh.

    So glad you came to The Shore today, baby. And plus, you've renewed my energy for Operation Time Bandit. I NEED to marry John Hillstrand and have his little Hillstrand babies.

    Christy said...

    I think I'm older than all of you! You are making me feel old! And Gucci Mama, I saw John Hillstrand first. :)

    Mama Hen said...

    Hey Ashlee, you are my neighbor on Mama's Little Nestwork and I am saying hi! Thank you for the encouraging and sweet comment on my blog. I will fit into those pants again! Make sure to visit your neighbor, the blog below you in the Mom Blog category and tell the Nest what you think is so fabulous about her! It is nice when everyone participates! About the Fawk you's. I know what you mean about time going so fast and our little ones growing so fast. I wish your son well with pre-K. Yes, Starbucks has some pretty yummy yet very pricey and fattening things! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

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