Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life is a rollercoaster on a battlefield...

If pop culture has taught me anything it has taught me that love is like a roller coaster, baby and that love is a battlefield.  I used to believe that, at least at certain points in my life I did anyway.  You know, when it fit the description of something I was going through anyway.  I'm not so sure anymore though.

I think they've been lying to us.  Or at least to me anyway, I don't know about ya'll.  I've developed a theory that the people who wrote these songs had some kind of odd, undocumented speech impediment that makes it sound like when you sing the word life it comes out as love.  Then they sang the song to someone, in the hopes that they would want to record it and make them loads of money, the singers misunderstood what they were saying and replaced the word life with the word love.  That's my theory, so whaddya think?

Why do I so fervently believe this?  I'm glad you asked, and even if you're among the people who didn't ask I'm still going to tell you.  Because life is like a rollercoaster and it sometimes can be a battlefield.  Remember when my husband lost his job awhile back?  He went and he fought for that job and he won.  That's when the rollercoaster went back up the hill, and we peaked at the top, triumphant!  We sat there for a while, drunk on glory..well not glory, but happiness and contentment that my husband was working a good job that he moderatly enjoyed with people that didn't annoy him to no end for the most part.

I must have fallen asleep while we were idling at that high point of him getting to go back to work though.  Because I never felt the engine pick back up and the sudden drop down.  We learned yesterday that my husband was getting laid off.  Until next summer!  My husband had no indication that this was going to happen at this point.  He knew it was a possibility that it may happen at the end of August, but not July.  He was going to start putting in other applications next week to start looking for another job, because of the uncertainty of his then current job.  Now we're both going to end up putting in applications next Monday, not because of the uncertainty though, but because they abruptly and with no notice or warning laid some people off.

Aiden is about to start full day pre-school in September.  We've been slowly buying his new clothes for school and for Fall and Winter.  Apparently we should have been buying them quicker, instead of just picking up a few things here and a shirt or two there.  Because now we have to try to finish by September on a much much tighter budget.  That is IF unemployment doesn't make him wait 6 weeks before we start to draw any money from them.  I know they do that if you quit or get fired, but what if you get laid off?

We've also been getting Jagger a few things here and there, when we could, the same as Aiden because of him growing and most of his clothing being destroyed in the leak/black mold incident.  So I'm going to try asking around to see if any of my friends know of anyone who has a little boy and see if I can maybe get them to sell me a bag of clothes for Jagger for yard sale or thrift store prices or something.  I hope that I can find someone, or figure out something else.  I'd appreciate it if any of you who pray would pray for my family at this time.  I'm hoping one of us can find work in this extremely tiny town.

What would you all do if you were in this situation and you had to get your 3.5 year old some decent school clothes and your 9 month old some clothes as well?  Any helpful ideas or suggestions for me and my family? 



Shining 2 Save said...

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Kari @

alicia said...

Wishing I still had clothes that I could send your way. I purge too often I guess. Sorry for the unexpected lay off. That just sucks. And I think life is certainly a rollercoaster ride. Hopefully you'll hit another high again soon...

Cheryl D. said...

Hi! I'm visiting from the blogfrom day 8 post! This is a great interlink post.

Sorry about the content of it though. I hope things get better!

Anonymous said...

Visiting from SITS. Sorry for your challenges.
To answer your question, the best places to get cheap clothes for kids is garage sales and resale stores. You can find some great deals!

Tara said...

I think Garage sales are the best place to find cheap clothes! I spent the whole summer before my son was born garage sale-ing every Saturday. I found all of my sales on Craigslist...There are like 80 billion listed each week- at least in my area. My son has tons of newborn-2t clothes all for about $150 total...The dressers and closet are seriously bursting....It was hard work, but I am so grateful now.

Our sons are the same age or else I'd send some your way!

Also on Craigslist people sell bulk lots of clothes for pretty cheap....Make sure your husband is with you though if you meet up with anyone !!!

Also check the resale shops in your area - There are a few children only resale shops around me!

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