Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Follow me back Tuesday

PhotobucketI guess you all don't know this about me, I've never just come right out and said it but I suppose it is possible that you have figured it out on your own.  I might as well just come out with it.  I have this need to feel and be worshiped and adored loved, which is why I join in on the Follow Me Back Tuesday, that and because one of the hawtest bloggers I know is one of the hosts. (shout out to J!  <3  Hope you're feeling tons better hon!)  I haven't gotten to link up for a while, due to my crazy life which led to my unfortunate absence from my blog.  So here I am linking up to one of my most favorite blog follows, on Tuesday.  Like I always do.  I guess what I'm really trying to say is -- I'm linking up now, so feel free to follow, worship and adore and love me!  (=

In other news I've got a giveaway coming up for FantasyJewelryBox.com and I'm totally excited.  Have any of you ever been there?  It's virtually impossible to pick just one item that you want to own.  So I'm having a really hard time narrowing down what I want.  I'm so indecisive anyway, that it doesn't really help me any that they have this super awesome inventory to choose from.



Molotov said...

I am your new follower. I hope you can stop by and follow me too! blogtrolls.blogspot.com

Erin Wallace said...

I am your newest follower from TTA - hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

xo Erin

devon said...

Hello! New Follower here! Love your Blog! Here's mine!


Lauren said...

new follower from FMBT



Anonymous said...

Happy Tuesday lova!

lanni @ dandygiveaway.blogspot.com said...

hi! following you from FMBT -- would love for you to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com. great blog :)

Josh Healy said...

Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout (http://www.giveawayscout.com). Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog (http://www.giveawayscout.com/addblog/ ). thanks, Josh

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