Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So....I guest posted!

I'm writing a series of guest posts over at one of Tree's blogs, Mommies Faves!  They're about gangs of sanctimommies on online parenting communities, and how instead of offering advice to other mothers so often these sanctimommies will try to verbally decapitate another mother.  There's a surprise at the end of the series for everyone, so you'll want to check them out!  Wanna check it out?  Then click here!

Thanks so much Tree, for letting me guest post and for allowing me to be a regular guest poster over at Mommies Faves! I'm very excited about it.  So not only can you find me here you can also find me over at Mommies Faves weekly as well, so you can get a double dose of Ashlee if you want to, or even if you need to.  There are far worse things you could be addicted to, after all!



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