Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kicky Pants Product Review

Have you ever heard of Kicky Pants?  If you answered no to that question then I am genuinely shocked and you seriously need to read this review, because this is one brand of eco-friendly and modern baby clothes that you are going to want to be aware of, for sure!  They are a celebrity baby favorite, and there are several haute tots toddling around wearing the latest from this brand!

Why should you know about Kicky Pants?  Because it is a company on the rise!  It had humble beginnings when Erin Cloke was expecting her second child and on bed rest she decided that she wanted to do something that would benefit their whole family and allow her and her husband to spend more time as a family.  That's an admirable goal, right?  Honestly, who doesn't want to do something that fits into that description?  Her husband has this to say about Erin and the beginning of their company:
She had always been the mom who sought out great products and had to write down store names and web addresses on scraps of paper wherever she went.  She was also frequently looking for things that didn't exist, except for in her head.  And when she couldn't find them, she would make them!  
After the birth of their child Kicky Pants became a reality for Erin and her husband, and the store is named after the baby that she was expecting at the time when she first thought of the idea for Kicky Pants.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I appreciate that Erin is the mommy of two boys, because as the mother of two boys of my own I know just how taxing it can be to find the type of clothes that I am looking for.  It's quite the task to find stylish, modern and trendy baby clothing for my boys that are just as cute as their female counterparts.  If you're the mother of only girls and you don't have any boys to shop for regularly then you can take my word for it, it can get pretty rough when you're shopping for clothing for your tiny members of the male gender.  That's one of my favorite things about Kicky pants.  They have the cutest clothes and they are stylish, modern and don't feature a giant photo of Pooh or Tigger on the butt of them.  Not that I don't like Pooh, but that's not what I'm looking for in my sons clothing.  I want some really great pieces that I can mix and match, classic pieces that have been updated with a modern print, and Kicky Pants provides just that!  You see, I like cute clothing but I don't like overly "cutesy" cookie cutter cloths for my baby boys.  
Then there's Kicky Pants, which I have described as my dream come true as far as clothes for my boys are concerned.  They have the perfect mixture of "cute" and modern style, and the best part is, wait for it wait for it, they are made from bamboo.  Yes, that's right...I said it, bamboo.  If you have never laid hands on bamboo fabric before then I command you to go directly to the Kicky Pants website and pick up some of their gorgeous bamboo basics baby clothes, because it is the softest fabric that I have ever touched in my entire life, hands down!  Bamboo is a very eco-friendly alternative to traditional fabric and is the triple threat of fabrics -- it's incredibly luxurious feeling, it's eco-friendly and it's a miracle fabric of sorts as it actually absorbs water anywhere from three to four times better than cotton(which makes you more comfortable while wearing it)!  As if that wasn't enough, it actually adjusts to the temperature!  You probably think I'm playing, but I'm not!  Bamboo fabric will adjust itself to stay 3-4 degrees cooler in warm or hot weather and 3-4 degrees warmer in chilly or cold weather.  How amazing is that?

Want to know why I am drooling over them so much?  I mean other than the fact that my own baby love, Jagger, looks too adorable for words in this little kicky pants onesie that they sent to him from their oh-so-soft-I-don't-even-have-the-words bamboo basics eco-friendly baby clothes line.  They have a little bit of everything.  Seriously, do you need a long dress?  They got you!  You want to buy your best friend a super soft bamboo knit blanket for their baby shower?  They have that!  Your sister is having a girl you say, and you want to get your future niece a ruffled diaper cover or ruffled bloomers?  Well guess what, they have those too!

 They don't stop at beautiful clothes for the future well dressed babies and toddlers of the world, because it would be too easy to drop the ball and Erin's not about that, she's on her P's and Q's with Kicky Pants!  You can also purchase some of the cutest toys that I have ever seen.  I'm dying to get some for Jagger, especially the Orchard Mushroom and Orchard Apple, which they describe as ultra-squeezable because they are filled with non-toxic micro beads! Then of course you could always stop in and check out their bamboo basics for Mama too, that's right they also sell some super soft, luxurious feeling eco-friendly maternity clothes, because we all know that you deserve a little something special while you're pregnant, so why not purchase one of their luxurious organic maternity shirts?

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You can find a complete list of online sellers on the Kicky Pants website!  I'm going to include a list of a few of my favorite shops that sell these adorable Kicky Pants items (each link will take you directly to the Kicky Pants items at each store):

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I did not receive any type of monetary compensation for doing this review.  I did get a sample of one of their products to review so that I could give my honest and accurate opinion.  My opinion was not influenced by my receiving this product sample.  All opinions expressed in this product review are my own honest opinions.



Mama Hen said...

Hey Ashlee! This looks great! It is hard to find good eco-friendly clothing. Especially a variety! Thank you for doing this review! I hope you had a great holiday!

Mama Hen

Erincloke said...

Dear Ashlee,
Thank you for the encouraging review! We don't normally post on reviews as I realize that it is unusual, but I was particularly touched by your support of our vision both for the line as well as our family! We feel very fortunate to be able to work together as a family and hope that our children (we have three now) who truly inspire the line, will always be a part of the company in some way.
Kind regards,
Erin Cloke

Love comma Ashlee said...

Thank you so much Erin, I really appreciate all of your kind words! I appreciate what you do and that you make such cute clothing for little boys, I really have had a time trying to find the stuff I like for my boys, and I enjoyed working with Kicky Pants on this review. I look forward to purchasing your products for my boys for many years to come, because they are stylish and affordable, which is something any mother can appreciate!

Anonymous said...

They have the cutest stuff!! Great review Ashlee!

Love comma Ashlee said...

Thanks J!

I hope you have a great holiday weekend as well, Mama Hen (= Ours was great, we had a cookout here at the house, I can't wait to do it again!

jsmommy9804 said...

These are so cute! Makes me wish I had a baby again...or a smaller kid LOL

Breezy said...

wow ashlee just as cool as you said. i have to convince eric to let me get a couple shirts for jack from here! i liked them on facebook so i can check out there new stuff. thanks for the suggestion!

lindseyloo said...

i definitely value your opinion on things regarding kids/babies so thanks for the great review!! i know how honest you are (in general) so hearing such postive things from someone i know and trust is awesome and makes me wanna check this out!


Janine said...

I'll keep these in mind for my registry. I'm trying to do mostly secondhand clothes but for the items I do ask for it's really important to buy from responsible and eco-friendly brands.

Also, the little Asian girl in that pic is the cutest thing ever!

Kristi said...

Thank you so much for featuring Panano as one of the retailers. We try to keep all the greatest Kicky Pants items in stock and hope everyone loves Kicky Pants as much as we do.

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