Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday Memorial Minute & a new meme I found


An unusual button, for a unique man with an awesome blog who asks interesting questions.  You know you love it, and even if you don't I do which has to count for something.  So why don't ya'll drag your mouse or use your pointer fingers if you're on a laptop up to that photo and click on it.  That way you can copy and paste the questions and link up to Ian's Monday Minute Memorial Day Edition for this week, that way you can show The Daily Dose or Reality and the fabulous Monday Minute some love!

Now, on to the questions!

1 - Have you or a family member joined the military?
Most of my family has been in some branch of the service or another.  My Daddy was in the Air Force as was my beautiful half-sister Nickie Ann.  My Uncle Bill was in the Army and two of my Uncles were in the Marines and another Uncle was in the Navy.  Various members of my Husbands family have served as well, including his Nephew who is in the Army National Guard,

2 - Have you or a family member served his/her country in times of war?
My gorgeous seester served in the Air Force during Desert Storms, my Husband's Nephew just got back from his first tour in Iraq a few months ago.   The husband of my very best friend ever, whom I consider my sister, is about to leave for his fourth tour of duty later this year.

3 - What's your favorite BBQ food?
Potato Salad and Deviled Eggs!  I am also quite fond of hamburgers cooked on a grill with onion and nothing else, no bun...nothing smothered in A1 Steak Sauce, thanks to my last pregnancy.

4 - Do you fart in public?
No.  I also don't say that word, I'll say anything else, literally, but it just sounds so dirty and it's just a gross word, I don't say it.  My friends like to make fun of me for this, I'm not sure why.  Do you think it's that weird that I refuse to say it?

5 - What's the one question that if it shows up on a Monday Minute, you refuse to take part?
Consider me an open book, I'll answer anything.  I'm very curious to see the answers of others though, this is a very interesting question!

Also I would like to give a quick shout out to Simply Stacie, This Mama Loves Her Bargains and A little of this, A little of that for hosting the completely awesome Mailbox Monday, which I just discovered and am officially in love with like a 12 year old boy who just saw Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox...although, not quite in that way, but totally just as much! 
So click the button, check it out.  You could always start out your Mailbox Monday by looking over at my sidebar and typing in your e-mail address and subscribing to me, that would officially put you on my favorite people in the blogosphere list.  Speaking of my favorite people in the blogosphere list, would you like to know how to shoot straight to the top of it at lightning speed?  Enter any or all of my giveaways, or you could just love all up on me via commenting, that would work too.  I'm not hard to please, right?



passionofthemom said...

LOL I don't think it's weird to treat *that word* like they treat Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. Sometimes, there are just words you can't say! Take me for example. I will routinely bust out the c-word in traffic...every stupid driver in Austin is some c-word variation or another! LOL But I cannot and will not say or discuss any racial slurs, MOST ESPECIALLY the n-word. God help the person who uses that garbage in front of me or the kids!! So I understand. =) Kudos from your newest follow! ;)

Mad Woman said...

Do you watch "How I Met Your Mother"? Like that episode where Barney teases Lily by saying "moist" over and over again.....we could tease you by saying..that word...over and over.

But I just met you so I won't. Thanks for stopping by my space!

Momsy Katsy said...

New subscriber and follower from Mailbox Monday.
k3na29xx (at) gmail (dot) com

Have a great week! :)

~~ Kat ~~
My Tots Exactly!
My Tummy Calls
My Game of Chance

Tiffany said...

That's funny that you won't say fart. It is a crude word because there was a time when my daughter *cringe* would do it and then say it over and over. I found the word revolting after that and refused to let her say it. So I can see your point.

Simply Stacie said...

I'm now an email subscriber from Mailbox Monday!!

Ally said...

Stopping by from the MM! subscribed :)

Misscrabbypants said...

I am Misscrabbypants
*subscribed as

Tatum said...

I subscribe via email & i am also following you!!! Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Not only do I not say it..I don't do it either...I'm an exception. :)

QueenB said...

great post!!

i'm here from MMondays

i also grabbed your button for my blogroll :o) (please feel free to grab mine as well!)

Anonymous said...

I don't like the word either. I told my kids we say toot. It's such a gross word!

Love comma Ashlee said...

It is a gross word, I don't know...I agree that it just sounds so crude. I get picked on all the time by my friend Tiff (you all may know her as Stilettos and a Stroller times 3 here on Blogger) because she's one of those girls who is constantly *insert the "forbidden" word here* and burping and talking about doing both things! While I don't say the word, I don't talk about it and like the lovely Miss J..I just don't *giggle* But Tiffany (SASX3) is always making fun of me and acting like I'm a prude. She'll burp in my ear on the phone and talk about *insert "forbidden" word here again* ALL the time. Ugh! I'm not comfortable with it, and I'll say every other word known to man...except that one. I guess I'm not one of those "just another one of the guys" kinda girls, because I will never be "one of the guys" as long at that is a requirement!

tsue said...

Following from Friday Follow me.
Glad to have found you!

Ian said...

Took me a while to get over here - but thanks for the linkup. Also such a great blog name, just sayin

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