Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Jag!

So yesterday, May 23rd, my itty bitty baby love turned 7 months old. I really can not even fathom how he is 7 months old already. I can still vividly remember going into the hospital to have him - wearing a face mask while registering I might one wants to catch swine flu while in labor. One more month closer to his very first real birthday. My sweet baby love is getting bigger so quickly.

It took me a little over two hours to have him and then there he was.  The most perfect thing I had seen since the day I had his brother.

Then we brought him home, and he was such an amazing baby.  He rarely cried and I had to wake him up to eat a lot of the times.

Of course then he got more alert, he had to stay up for his brothers birthday party, you know!

Then he slept through Christmas.  You can see that he started losing his hair here. )=

Then my littlest baby love did lose all his hair!  (I keep hoping I'll get a baby with curly brown hair.  Both my husband and I were bald and then blond as babies and toddlers, so I know I'm not gonna get it.)

Then out of no where here we are today.  How we got here I'll never know, well unless I go through the pictures or slap myself and remember that it really has been 7 months since October 23, 2009.  I just can't believe it though, I mean 7 months...already, really?

So Happy 7 Month Birthday to my Baby Jagger, I love you so much.  Although I do have one request of you, if you could humor Mommy for a minute, please.  Do me a solid and don't grow up so fast, stay little for just a little bit of extra time!

Is it just me or do they not stay small very long?  My oldest went from Baby Einstein to "Get outta here, I'm gonna play by myself and watch my Batman" in what seems like a minute and a half! This is my favorite stage though, learning to crawl, sitting up, baby food...I love it.  What's your favorite baby stage?  But why, oh why, can they not stay little for longer?



alicia said...

I swear time is speeding up. And kids grow up WAY too fast.

Love comma Ashlee said...

I know, right! I swear that time goes into overtime as soon as you have kids!

Mama Hen said...

Those pictures are adorable Ashlee!! Happy 7 month birthday! Enjoy it. I hope everyone is feeling better! Those organic products look great! I need a good face cream. Have a good night!

Mama Hen

jsmommy9804 said...

I love your babies as much as I love my own Ashlee. Jagger is so big, I remember when you called me wondering if your water had broken lol.

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