Friday, May 28, 2010

Fawk you Friday etc.

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First of all I would like to say Fawk you to anyone who says I can't have more than one link up button thingie in one post, because clearly I can. (=

Fawk you to my being awake right now, and to my fawking immune system because what I said yesterday no longer counts. I am officially sick again!

Fawk you to my brother and his wife, who live across the road from me, grow up dood, you're in your mid thirties and I can hear people in front of your house beeping at all hours waiting for curb side dope service. Seriously you're not the crack houses answer to McDonalds. Aren't people that sell drugs supposed to keep that ish on the D/L anyway? You are not Young Jeezy, you do NOT have to trap or die, I promise!

Fawk you to my husbands job, though I love you for your paycheck you have given him a farmers tan and that's just not cool.  Or maybe this would fall under fawk you to the sun?  Eh, it's whatevs.

These are the other two, I couldn't choose, so I did both of them. Sorry. (=



LeeAnn said...

New follower from Friendly Friday. Great blog! Your boys are adorable.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I love when you double/triple dip! :)

I'm sick too..I can't kick Fawk you sickness!


Debbie said...

I have to say I am getting a kick out of this fawk you go girls get it out!~ Sorry your sick, I am still fighting some crap myself...cold, cough, ya know the drill.....take it easy, and have a great weekend!

VKT said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. My students kept passing stuff back and forth. Yesterday was the last day of school so I think they will finally be able to get over it. Hope you feel better soon.

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