Saturday, February 13, 2010

About The Blog

I always describe Love comma Ashlee like this:
Love comma Ashlee is a blog written by a young wife and mama trying to navigate her way through her twenties with her husband and her two young sons! It features product reviews, giveaways and the occasional discount code or free sample.
I don't know why, but I always describe it in some sort of bloggy third person.  Please don't hold this against me.  (=

I've honestly been a bit hesitant an intimidated by writing the about the blog section here.  I have read so much about how important it is to carve out a comfy little "niche" for your blog, and honestly I'm not sure that I can do that.  This blog is a hybrid of sorts.  It isn't just a product review blog, nor is it just a giveaway blog, and it's not just a personal or mommy blog either.  It's all of that and just a little bit more.  That is why I've let the personal side of this blog fall to the side a bit, because I don't want people to think "Oh, she's all over the place" but I am "all over the place" because I'm a girl with quite the varied list of interests.  I'm a 24 year old wife and mother.  I also make mixed media art and write prose.  I'm interested in photography, sewing, vintage clothing, fashion, make-up and beauty, and around 389 other random things.  So, if I wrote about everything I was interested in here I fear it would be quite mixed up and overwhelming for me and anyone who reads it.

I have taken the time to think about it, and come up with the topics that I feel comfortable writing about here.  I will write about my product reviews and giveaways, obviously, as well as my life.  There are a lot of different parts to my life, as I fill several different roles.  You can expect to read about my life as a wife, mother, college student (when I go back next spring).  This includes a few sub categories such as attachment parenting, "green" living, exercise, my kids, my husband and things that we may do as a family and projects that I may embark upon on my own.  I hope that's okay, because I feel that all of those things fall under the larger category of "The Life of Ashlee" because they are all a part of my life, and a part of who I am.  I believe in being honest, and I'm pretty straight forward as a general rule.  There are a lot of changes that I have made in my life, and a lot more changes that will be made.

I have goals for this blog, I have somewhere that I want it to go.  I don't know if it will get there, but I'm optimistic about it.  I hope you are willing to go there with me!  I love to read blogs, and I do enjoy the sense of community that comes along with it.  I look forward to the journey, and the journey...getting there, well that's the best part!